Join 25YL As We Revisit True Detective

In just eight episodes, season 1 of True Detective reminded us what television could (and should) be. Here at 25YL, we’re about to relive the experience. The show is just as riveting today as it was when it aired in 2014. Time is a flat circle, after all…

time is a flat circle

Join us every Thursday (beginning July 12th) when Daniel Siuba will be taking a weekly deep-dive into each episode of Season 1. In the meantime, join the conversation here at 25YL and tell us some of your favorite True Detective moments!

Written by Alison Morretta

In addition to her position as Senior Editor and Writer for TVObs, Ali is a freelance editorial consultant and author of numerous nonfiction reference books for middle school and high school students. In her spare time, she enjoys obsessing over various television shows, especially Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. When not overanalyzing TV shows, she is wrangling her hyperactive Corgi, who is inarguably the cutest dog that has ever existed.

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  1. One scene that haunted me was when Woody’s character’s young daughter played with Barbie dolls. She had the girl doll naked, lying on the floor, with a semicircle of clothed boy dolls standing over the girl doll. I took that to mean that Woody’s character’s daughter had been molested and was acting that out with the dolls. When that daughter was a few years older, she seemed willing to have sex with the two young men who ended up getting their butts whipped by her dad. It seems to me that there were implications that didn’t get overtly addressed in the script.

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