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Better Call Saul Is Back!

After a painfully long wait, Better Call Saul is finally back for Season 4. Here at 25YL, we’re gearing up for our weekly coverage of the series. Join Ali Sciarabba every Wednesday as she deep-dives into the latest episode. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen the Season 4 trailer, check it out now:

Better Call Saul premieres Monday, August 6th at 9pm EST on AMC. We hope you’ll be watching and joining us for analysis and conversation on our social media!

Written by Alison Morretta

In addition to her position as Senior Editor and Writer for TVObs, Ali is a freelance editorial consultant and author of numerous nonfiction reference books for middle school and high school students. In her spare time, she enjoys obsessing over various television shows, especially Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. When not overanalyzing TV shows, she is wrangling her hyperactive Corgi, who is inarguably the cutest dog that has ever existed.

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