Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Persona 5 DLC

Stealing hearts and wallets worldwide.

joker holding envelope

The new DLC that’s available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also comes alongside the highly anticipated Version 3.0 update. It allows players a chance to create replay videos using the video editor, create your own stage, and other online updates to make the overall experience of the game better. (Easier matching in QuickPlay anyone?)

And as much as that’s exciting—and I can’t wait to mess around and design my own stage—I was personally ready to throw all my money at SSBU for the chance to play Joker.

Joker, first debuted three years ago in Persona 5, and he, alongside the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, have taken the world by storm. With over 2.4 million copies of the game sold worldwide, it’s absolutely no surprise to see why he’s one of the first purchasable characters to be added to SSBU. Currently you can purchase him solo, or in the Fighter Pass—though the other characters haven’t been announced yet, as they’re set to come out later in 2019. Getting the pass does allow you some resemblance of savings and of course the opportunity to download the characters when they initially launch.

And if they’re anything like Joker, Nintendo may as well just take my wallet now.

In classic Smash style, you can choose between different colours of your player or the additional outfit offered. Joker sports a variety of colourful Mementos costumes and two versions of his Shujin Academy uniform. It’s also worth noting that Igor, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, and Caroline & Justine all appear in the spirits Vault Shop too.

Though I would love to see all my favourites back from Persona 5 in SSBU, I definitely won’t complain with what we got. The fact that we get to see Morgana appear during Joker’s taunts and the whole gang in an All-Out-Attack during his Final Smash is awesome. But it definitely makes me want a new Persona game to sink my teeth and time into like yesterday.

Additionally, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts (hi Lady Ann and my dear Ryuji!) will appear to cheer you on in the background of Joker’s character stage, Mementos. The stage changes colours too, depending on which Persona song you play, as they’ve added some serious hits from Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5.

As you can probably tell, this DLC was an easy sell for me. But what about for you? Join in on the conversation in 25YL’s forums here. Who do you predict the other four characters will be that are coming out later this year?

Written by Brittany Babela

Former writer and editor.

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