Game of Thrones Series Finale Predictions

Daenerys and Jon face off in Game of Thrones

After eight seasons, the Game of Thrones series finale is this Sunday. Fans have long speculated over what we may see in the show’s final hour. We hope you enjoy both our serious and humorous predictions and be sure to let us know yours in the comment section!

Laura Stewart

So the end is here. I genuinely have no clue as to what may happen in the finale, but the few remaining characters are there for a reason.

First off, could Arya be dead already? Her awakening from the charred remains of King’s Landing, greeted by a majestic white horse, was a truly gorgeous scene, but an ominous one—with white horses often being the signaler of death, and those who ride it said to be death itself, but I am not so sure. That horse looked very much like Harry Strickland’s horse, which appeared to die in battle early on in the penultimate episode. Arya was last seen being scorched and buried under rubble. If she withstood that, she really could be invincible. But I don’t think she did survive. Were we witnessing the soul of both Arya and the horse riding away from a fiery hell and off to the seven heavens?

Hopefully, their destination is the House of Black and White where Arya will be reunited with No-One/the Faceless Man/Jaqen. He’ll take her face so that the Faceless Men can pretend to be her forever, making her a Legend and immortalising her.

My alternative take is that Bran had warged into the horse to retrieve Arya from the chaos, and is now carrying her back to Winterfell. Whatever the case, I have a feeling she’s already gone, and she will not be the person to kill Daenerys.

Speaking of Dany, I feel that history will repeat itself in the case of the Prince that was Promised. According to prophesy, the revenant Azor Ahai is meant to prevent the Long Night, just as the original did thousands of years ago. One could argue, then, that Arya fulfilled that role, having killed the Night King. But it is now evident that the White Walkers were less of a threat than humans, which comes as no surprise to anyone. We do suck as a species. So it could mean that Jon Snow was brought back to life by Melisandre for this very reason, and just like Azor Ahai, will have to sacrifice his beloved—in this case, Dany—to stop her tyrannical rule. She actually wants him to do it though because she cannot live with what she has done. Jon, at this point really, really does not want to sit on the Iron Throne and gives the job to the wisest person he knows—Sansa. She rules, with Tyrion by her side.

Tyrion says for the 8628 time that, “A Lannister always pays his debts” and gives Bronn King’s Landing, which is a bit of a shithole now but still the capital city so he can’t really complain. Everyone forgot about Bran, and he’s frozen to death outside the tree in Godswood.  Meanwhile, Brienne discovers she is pregnant with Jaime’s baby and Ser Davos has no clue as to why he’s still alive. He decides to write all he has experienced down; after all, he was taught by Shireen to read and write, and he should keep her memory alive. He begins penning the books under the pseudonym of George R.R. Martin, and hopefully, one day he’ll get to finish them and we can all ignore everything that D.B. Weiss and David Benioff did from Season 6 onwards and get the finale that was promised.

Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones Season 8
“A Lannister always pays their debts”

Bryan O’Donnell

I think the worst of the worst “bad” endings for Game of Thrones would be if we discover Jaime and Cersei survived the collapse of the Red Keep and then decide to exact their revenge on Daenerys. I don’t think the show will play such a trick on us, but this final season has been disappointing enough that I could almost see Jaime and Cersei’s survival as possible.
In terms of what I’m secretly hoping for from the finale, it would include an appearance from Lady Stoneheart and a surprise return of Syrio Forel (who we never officially saw die). However, while I would be excited to see these two, I’d be pretty disappointed that the showrunners waited until the final episode. I put the chances of us seeing either of these characters at less than one per cent.
Syrio in Game of Thrones

Alex Nimmo

For me, the Game of Thrones finale will never be perfect, because I was team Cersei and Benioff and Weiss seem to have a penchant for destroying all the women that I like. Lena Heady deserved better, so the only way that I can visualize a satisfactory ending for this season is to have a zombie Cersei rise up from the ruins and become the new Night King (Night Queen, if you will). Otherwise, at this point the only character who deserves to be on the Iron Throne is Ghost but that would be too hard to animate for B&W.

Cat Smith

Drogon turns up with a small army of dragons, including a Light Fury. They incinerate everyone, and the Age of Dragons begins. The last image on screen is a cameo from Jeff Goldblum, saying something snarky about frog DNA. Somewhere, Ghost is laughing his ass off.

Drogon bruns King's Landing in Game of Thrones

John Bernardy

The Starbucks cup was the clue:

Jon Snow is about ready to cut off Daenerys’ head. She won’t look at him. They’re both in tears and background scene turns green just after Jon says “I don’t want to do this.” Crew members begin taking apart the apparatus while Daenerys looks confused. Jon looks into the camera, trying to figure out what’s gone wrong. There’s a switch to a camera near the back of the scene showing all the crew starting to tear down the set. All of the CGI is off by now. The makeup crew is rushing to remove Daenerys’ hair extensions. Sansa begins fuming about how “this is how it ends? People need to see my character properly ascend! This is ridiculous!”

Benioff comes in from the right and Weiss from the left, shaking hands with everyone and passing out shirts that read “We did it!” Arya unfolds hers, reads it, and mutters “did what, exactly?”

The camera is following behind Benioff and Weiss now. The craft service table has a giant Starbucks banner on it but we barely linger on it. We move nearer and nearer to the sound of a typewriter. Benioff and Weiss look into a room at the back of George RR Martin, whose fingers stop as they enter. He turns to Benioff and Weiss like he was in a Coen Brothers movie and says “fellas, I finished it!” The two showrunners appear stunned. Benioff’s face gets red, as if to say “you picked NOW?” Weiss face-palms himself. Peter Dinklage, from off camera, begins cackling. A disbelieving laugh, an unhinged one. He throws up his hands and storms out. The credits roll as he storms down the hallway. “All that work,” he shouts, “and this is what we’ll be remembered for. This!”
Game of Thrones Starbucks cup
Was it really all about the Starbucks?

J.C. Hotchkiss

We begin on Kings Landing, after the destruction by Drogon and Dany. She faces what’s left of her troops and the people of Kings Landing as if what she has just done hasn’t phased her one bit. She calls out Tyrion for treason and has him face Grey Worm. Somehow, I don’t know how maybe because Tyrion drinks and knows things; he defeats Grey Worm. This angers Dany further and she puts Jon to the task of destroying Tyrion, which he finally rebels and does not do.

There’s a lot of filler with long, drawn-out speeches and beautiful cinematography. We finally get to Dany and Jon alone where she berates him and tells him she’s going to kill him so he’ll never to be able to gain her throne, to which he replies, “I would be a better ruler than you’ll ever be. I am the Prince that was promised!” and takes a dagger, plunging it through her heart. As the camera pans back we see Jon’s face change, and suddenly it’s Arya.

She wasn’t lying, Jon is the prince that was promised. Arya has become the new Queen killer and now Jon can be the better ruler, for he has seen death and lived another day. Jon still turns it down and destroys the Iron Throne so no one will ever hunger for the power of it and never ever again be able to rule tyrannically. Then Jon flies back to the North on Drogon because Drogon didn’t mean to be a bad dragon, but he could be useful in the winter. Fade to black.

Jon Snow with a dragon in Game of Thrones

Will Johnson

My prediction: everyone dies in a plague ex machina and a large curtain comes down as if this was a decade-long stage play. D&D come out and bow with a magnificent flourish. Then they look directly into camera and smile, holding up their middle fingers, which we won’t see very well due to the terrible lighting, and they’ll just whisper, like ASMR, “thanks for wasting a decade of your life.”  However, before the credits roll, George RR Martin enters stage left with the manuscript for the sixth book in one hand and bags of money in the other and bludgeons D&D to death.

Caemeron Crain

We open on the rubble of King’s Landing, from which Jaime emerges. He’s not dead; he’s a zombie! It turns out that the blade Euron stabbed him with was coated in poison, which is why he was so confident that he’d killed Jaime. But this poison, when used on someone who has had a sufficient amount of incest, instead turns them into a zombie.

Cersei is dead, and zombie Jaime lets out a yell sort of like the one we got from Darth Vader at the end of Attack of the Clones. He sets off to track down Daenerys and take revenge.

Jon Snow stabs him, but Jaime is sort of like we saw with the Mountain now, so he tosses Jon aside. Daenerys comes at him with dragon fire, but that doesn’t affect him either for no explained or inexplicable reason. Kind of like with the Night King, we just have to accept this. Is he secretly a Targaryen? That would make no sense, but sure why not.

The Mountain basically becomes a zombie on Game of Thrones

Tyrion stands in his way with an emotional plea that has no effect. Jaime kills him. He then eats Dany”s brain because he is that kind of zombie. Jon stares in confusion like Keanu Reeves and says, “I know nothing.” He sulks back north to Winterfell.

Zombie Jaime proceeds to start turning the few remaining citizens of King’s Landing into zombies and takes a seat on the Iron Throne.

Back at Winterfell, Jon informs Sansa of the new southern zombie threat. After telling him “I told you so” about Dany, she notes that they do not know how to kill these new zombies.

So Bran goes back into the past to try to keep these events from unfolding, but accidentally is the cause of the Mad King’s madness and sets the whole chain of events in motion despite his intentions. He then turns into the Night King and disappears because why not.

Jon says, “I know nothing.” Sansa agrees.

Back at King’s Landing, Arya is still around, so she sneaks into the throne room disguised as a zombie and kills Jaime by getting him to eat rotten brains. All of the other zombies then magically turn back into normal people, though they vomit a lot.

Arya declares, “This game of thrones is dumb! People should decide who will rule them for themselves!” Everyone cheers and agrees and somehow, this includes all of the people of Westeros who weren’t even there.

Back at Winterfell, Samwell informs Jon and Sansa that he has written a song now that the whole thing seems to be over. It is called “The Song of Ice and Fire,” which is written in big words on the scroll he holds.

He starts to sing it, but can’t sing well, so Poderick takes over with his lovely voice. Everyone is super impressed, and he then has sex with all of the women in Winterfell at once, except for Sansa and Brienne.

Sansa informs Jon that she intends to run in the election at King’s Landing, and he tells her she would make a good queen. “Not queen; President,” she says.

Her main competitor turns out to be Robin Arryn, who campaigns by stoking fear about the Dothraki; that more will come to rape and pillage and such if they don’t do something. He wins the election.

Sansa is unhappy, but what can you do? Democracy is good, after all. “It’s the will of the people and we have to respect it,” she says, before starting to pen a book called What Happened.

We cut to Robin Arryn sitting on the Iron Throne sucking milk from the breast of an unnamed woman who resembles his dead mother. He pulls back and smiles, breast milk at the corners of his mouth.

The theme music hits and we cut to black.

Robin Arryn breastfeeding in Game of Thrones

Thanks for checking out our serious and humorous predictions and please be sure to let us know yours in the comments!

Written by TV Obsessive

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