The Angel of Darkness Names Two New Cast Members

TNT's The Alienist Cast

Like many other Alienist fans, I have been waiting for any word on the storyline or casting to come out about the sequel to the hit TNT Suspense show The Alienist. The Angel of Darkness is currently filming in Budapest and unites the leads, Daniel Bruhl as Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, Luke Evans as John Moore and Dakota Fanning as Sara Howard. Also announced joining the cast is Melanie Field, last seen in Paramount Network’s Heathers reboot, and newcomer Rosy McEwen.

In an article that came out today on Deadline, the storyline will follow Sara Howard’s new private detective agency, and she enlists the help of her old friends Kreizler and Moore to help her track down a killer.

Field will portray a protégé of Howard, by the name of Bitsy Sussman. Newcomer McEwen will play a young nurse by the name of Libby Hatch who becomes Howard’s friend. Will these ladies take the place of Marcus and Lucius Isaacson, played by Douglas Smith and Matthew Shear? Or will they just be welcome additions to an already stellar cast?

Melanie Field in Heathers
Melanie Field in Heathers

Also, a new addition as showrunner is Frank Pugliese, former writer/producer of House of Cards.

The Alienist was a critical hit in 2018, garnering six Emmy nominations.  If you missed watching it the first time, you can binge watch it on the TNT app. You can also take a dive into The Alienist and the minds of Kreizler, Moore, and Howard through my eyes.

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