David Fincher Bringing More Love, Death and Robots to Netflix

More Sex, Gore, and Bots Coming Your Way

I was left feeling lukewarm from the first season of Love, Death and Robots, but it seems Netflix chose to ignore my review and go ahead and renew David Fincher’s science-fiction anthology for a second season. As of right now, little is known about how the second season is going to look or when it will be released, but hey, we’re definitely getting more!

In the same announcement, Netflix named Jennifer Yuh Nelson as the supervising director for all episodes. Jennifer has directed a number of animated movies and was the first woman to solo direct an animated movie from a major studio. She’s also worked in the art department for a number of films, including The Dark City.

The first season of Love, Death and Robots had some incredible animation but didn’t do great by its female characters. Bringing in a seasoned director like Jennifer Yuh Nelson will hopefully keep the art and style top-notch while balancing out some of the less savory parts of the first season.

Written by Sean Mekinda

Sean Mekinda is a fan of all things auteur and weird. He's currently one of the hosts of Beating a Dead Horse, a podcast all about death in media. The first movie he remembers loving is The Iron Giant. The first movie he remembers hating is Alien VS Predator Requiem. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with his girlfriend and two needy huskies.


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  1. This anthology gave animators a place to try whatever they wanted without worry of having to do an entire season worth of shows.

    Just put forward an crazy idea with the tools you have… and I think it was awesome for that.

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