Good Omens: “The Doomsday Option” Leads To Disaster (and Redemption)

“I’m afraid I rather made a mess of things.”

Crowley's lost his best friend in Good Omens: The Doomsday Option

The world will end in flames…and that’s exactly how this episode of Good Omens begins, with Crowley searching for Aziraphale in his now torched bookshop. Whilst screaming to Heaven and Hell for help, Crowley comes across the “Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter.”

Back in the forest, Adam the Anti-Christ as come into his powers and is keeping his friends hostage until his new friends (the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse) arrive. Shadwell has also returned home, believing that he was able to shoot down a demon (and is now “the Doomsday option”). Madame Tracy brings him into her flat to lie down and have a cup of tea. 

Aziraphale’s transport to Heaven worked, even though he’s still missing an actual body. This doesn’t mind those upstairs at first, as there’s a war on (or about to be on) and they need every angel they can get. But once they find out that he gave away his flaming sword, is missing a body and doesn’t want to fight, things get ugly, and Aziraphale demands to be returned to Earth, even if he has no actual form to inhabit. So he takes a chance and heads back to earth. 

Anathema and Newton’s prophecy (a nice shag before the end of the world) has come to pass and the two get dressed and head out to find Adam. Newton finds it odd that Anathema relies so heavily on Agnes’ prophecies but she warns him that Agnes has never failed her.

Crowley’s crawled into a bar to drown his sorrows in single malt scotch, talking to himself while a storm rages outside. A bit on lightning reveals Aziraphale made it safely back to Earth and found Crowley. The two make amends and catch up on what’s been going on. Crowley’s still sad that he’s lost Aziraphale (in human form) and Aziraphale is gutted that his bookshop has burned to the ground. Luckily, Crowley grabbed the right book and Aziraphale made notes so they can find Adam as well. The two vow to meet at Tadfield Airbase—the location where Aziraphale has pinpointed the end of the world will happen, but Aziraphale’s off to find a body to inhabit. 

Back at Madame Tracy’s flat, she takes on a group eager to part the veil and see beyond. Turns out they are return customers, and one of the ladies uses this time to chitchat with her belated husband. During the seance—which borders on hysterical—Aziraphale finds his way into Madame Tracy’s body as a temporary lift, but lets the woman’s husband come through for the shutdown of the afterlife. (I mean, who wants to be nagged at after they’re dead?) 

The Four Horsemen are also gathering at a local cafe, and like all old friends, they have a lot to catch up about. But when Death turns up, things get serious.

Just three old friends having a cuppa in Good Omens' "The Doomsday Option"

With the captive audience shooed away, Madame Tracy finally gets around to making that tea for Shadwell and realizes something isn’t right when she sees Aziraphale’s face looking back at her in a mirror. 

Crowley’s trying to make his way out of London but he’s stuck in a trap of his own design, also known as the M25. (Hail the Great Beast, Devourer of Worlds!)

Shadewell wakes up to Madame Tracy and Aziraphale working out what to do next, much to Shadwell’s shock and disbelief. (A cuppa tea will sort it out, in time though.) 

As Adam turns his powers up, the M25 bursts into flames, making travel in or out of London impossible. So Crowley tries to find a way out on the shoulder of the road. 

Hastur’s still stuck in Crowley’s answering machine until Lisa, an unsuspecting telemarketer, calls in. The duke of hell is set free and snacks on poor Lisa and all her coworkers, which means he’ll be looking for Crowley next.

Aziraphale talks Shadwell’s efforts up over tea and tries to enlist his assistance in finding the Anti-Christ. Shadwell, for all his puffing up about being a witchfinder, isn’t convinced and is a bit scared. Luckily, Aziraphale is able to persuade him with the “oodles of nipples” the Anti-Christ must have. And with that, Shadwell suits up with his big gun. 

Back on the road, Crowley’s made it to the M25, but flips through Agnes’ prophecy book for guidance. He’s caught off guard by Hastur, who says that Hell will not forget or forgive. Thankfully, Crowley’s adapted to his time on Earth and drives like a bat out of hell and straight into the fire of the M25, with Hastur burning to bits. Crowley’s imagination is what keeps him safe while he and the Bentley zoom through the fire and out of London.

Crowley drives through the fire in Good Omens' "The Doomsday Option"

Adam has decided to divide the world up amongst Them, but Pepper stands up to Adam and after he releases them, the kids decide to leave him, and the hellhound goes with them. Upset, he chases them and they fight until he unleashes a scream heard ’round the world. When he comes back down to Earth (and his senses) Adam and his friends realise they have to stop whatever is coming next.

As Anathema and Newton continue to prep, he suggests she pick a prophecy at random to guide them. If Agnes has never been wrong, it’s worth a shot, right? They decipher the card as telling them where to head next—in this case, the Tadfield air force base. 

So all the players on our stage are headed to the same spot for the final showdown. The Four Horsemen arrive first. Anathema and Newton sneak in through a back gate. Adam and Them ride off, but the Four Horsemen have already begun activating nuclear and chemical weapons. After a miracle or three, Aziraphale, Madame Tracy and Shadwell arrive in one piece, with Crowley and his burning Bentley not far behind. Adam and his friends ride their bikes right in, and he calls out to the Four Horsemen. Time to finish this. 

The Four Horsemen arrive early to the end of the world in Good Omens' "The Doomsday Option"

Much of this episode is tying up all the loose ends and moving all the characters who have been scattered across the board into one spot. It’s a mighty task and it’s handled deftly and with much humor, but also emotion. There are huge stakes here—and Adam’s turn from good to bad back to possibly good has to be believed. All of the kids really shine in their scenes. They’re not afraid to call Adam out for what he’s doing, because that’s what real friends do. 

Speaking of friends, David Tennant’s turn as an anguished Crowley really tugged at the heart strings. Again, you could believe that he and Aziraphale had been friends for 6,000 years. Michael Sheen and Miranda Richardson might have the hardest job this episode since they literally have to share the screen as two people in one body, but it works beautifully. Now all that’s left is to see how it all turns out in the battle of good versus evil. And that burning Bentley? What a thing of beauty and utter destruction…and the soundtrack was on point as well. (Thank you, Queen, you ever brilliant band.) 

Written by Rachel Stewart

Rachel Stewart is a staff writer at 25YL. She has written fandom commentary and critique for sites like The Sartorial Geek,, Nerdy Minds Magazine, and ESO Network, among others. Her work has also appeared in print in the kOZMIC Press anthology “Children of Time: The Companions of Doctor Who" and the ATB Publishing anthology "OUTSIDE IN TRUSTS NO ONE."

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