Nintendo Switch Lite: What is it?

Everything you need to know abut the new Nintendo Console, and what it means for the future

A yellow coloured Nintendo Switch Lite

Well, it finally happened, and it truly was inevitable. In today’s era of video game consoles, we never just get one of a singular iteration. There’s a PS4 Pro, the Xbox One has an “S” version and an “X” version, and Nintendo themselves have been making different versions of their consoles ever since the original DS came out. This is all to say; this is no surprise. But the real question is, is it a good product? Do I want it? What does it mean for the future? Let’s dive in.

The Nintendo Switch is around two and a half years old, and it is still selling like hotcakes. It may not have the graphical prowess and online capabilities of its counterparts, but it does do some pretty fantastic things. Nintendo continues to make some of the best games on the market, the Switch has allowed people to play anywhere they want, and more and more third party games are hopping on board. So it is time for something new!

Today, the Nintendo Switch Lite was announced. Right away, some people may be happier because it comes in at $199, which is one hundred dollars less than the Switch (Switch regular? OG switch?). But that’s not all; this console truly is something brand new. It is has a slightly smaller screen, roughly a half an inch less. It is lighter, has a slightly better battery life, and has the same resolution of 720p as the regular Switch. What is really cool is that the left Joy-Con has a real D-pad on it as opposed to the D-pad buttons that the regular Switch has.

However, this is a “Lite” version, so there are things you will not be getting. The Switch Lite can NOT be docked onto a television. It has no kickstand, no IR capabilities and no HD rumble in the Joy-Cons. Interestingly, there are even rumors that you cannot adjust the brightness on the Switch Lite, although I am going to assume this is incorrect information.

These are the most glaring differences. Other than that, Nintendo seems to have made a worthy successor to the Switch, and I suspect it will sell just as well. The console comes in a few variants; grey, yellow, turquoise and a Pokemon Sword and Shield edition.

Now, who is this really for? Do you need it if you already have a switch? For me, the answer is no. Unless you are absolutely dying for a smaller and less capable version of the switch, stick with what you have. However, for kids that do not use a TV often or for people that tend to lean more towards the handheld side of gaming, you may want to give the Switch Lite a look.

It seems to fit right in where the 3DS would normally sit, as a spiritual successor of sorts. It is no secret that the 3DS is on its way out, so it only makes sense that there is a Switch Lite that helps to bridge the gap between dedicated handheld gaming and hybrid console. At first glance, I think it is going to work well, especially with Pokemon on the horizon. With it always being on a handheld console in the past, it all just makes sense.

The last major point is, what’s next? The natural assumption is that now there is a “Switch Lite,” when will there be a “Switch Pro?” If the rumors are to be believed, it could be as soon as this holiday season. However, now that we have just gotten word of the Lite, I feel a Switch Pro may take another year or so to be released. But be that as it may, I definitely believe it is coming.

If you have been holding out on buying a switch, it will soon be the best time to buy. If you are holding out for something better, my recommendation is to get one now; who knows what the future holds? We only know what we have, and what Nintendo is showing off is pretty darn great.

The Nintendo Switch Lite launches on September 20th of this year.

Written by Connor Cable

I am an avid entertainment consumer, always trying to stay on top of the latest and greatest across movies, television and video games. I also love to make short films on occasion, as well as take photographs. My (other) day job is as a writer for a local news station.

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