Room 104 Season 3: Media Day News & Notes

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It seems to be pretty fitting that HBO’s Room 104s third season is premiering on Friday the 13th. The anthology series is getting ready to get weird, spooky and even mystical.

In a press call hosted by HBO that I attended on behalf of 25YL, series co-creator Mark Duplass and Executive Producer Sydney Fleischmann spoke with a group of journalists in a relaxed, free-flowing conversation that felt a lot more like friends over dinner than a formal press outing. It became apparent that the fun and relaxed atmosphere on the call was a key component to the series as well.

Duplass spoke at length about how much he enjoys making this series and the enthusiasm he spoke with made that claim impossible to deny. Fleischmann echoed those sentiments and the pair talked about how their laptops are filled with ideas that once were feature film ideas that they now see as potential Room 104 scripts that they just haven’t worked out yet. “I really hope we can make this show last another 15 years” Duplass stated in the closing moments of the call.

When the topic of Season 3 having a heavy horror focus came up, the pair admitted that their personal horror tastes didn’t have a huge impact on this season. Rather, the idea of all of the strange things that could potentially happen in a hotel room inspired the minds behind Room 104 to really “get weird” this year. Listening to Duplass speak at length about his fondness of “daytime horror” displayed a true passion for the genre that should be a sign to all horror fans that Season 3 of Room 104 is something they need to check out.

Other interesting notes from the call included the news that Season 4 has already been filmed and is currently being edited, with Duplass and Fleischmann saying that they turn in seasons of Room 104 to HBO and tell the company to release them how they see fit. Duplass said that despite ratings not being huge, the show is made on a very small budget and everyone is happy with the loyal audience the show has developed.

Season 3 will feature another episode filmed on an iPhone, as well as an episode “heavily involving a projector”. Duplass spoke at length about the creativity they have as filmmakers on this series and the genuine excitement coming from his voice was unmistakable. His passion as a filmmaker speaking about this project was truly infectious. Duplass ended the call by telling the journalists on the call to tell all of our readers that if they dream of being filmmakers, to do it and do it as cheaply as possible. There have never been more opportunities than there are right now and if you can make art on a smart budget, you’ll be able to keep making art. Passionate words from a very passionate artist.

Be sure to follow along with 25YL as we will be diving into each episode of Room 104 this season!

Written by Andrew Grevas

Andrew is the Founder / Editor in Chief of 25YL. He’s engaged with 2 sons, a staunch defender of the series finales for both Lost & The Sopranos and watched Twin Peaks at the age of 5 during its original run, which explains a lot about his personality.

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