There’s A New Queen In Town And There’s Nothing One Can Do About It

The Crown

The Queen has morning tea

The latest teaser trailer for the upcoming Season 3 of The Crown on Netflix has arrived and boy is it glorious. Despite only being 32 seconds long it delivers the answer to one of the most burning questions on fans lips: what will Olivia Colman sound like as The Queen?

The answer is that she sounds just perfect. Olivia is such a great character actress so I don’t think there have ever really been any doubts over the voice and instead, we’ve all just been desperate to hear it. Claire Foy delivered such a powerful performance in the first two Seasons and her voice was absolutely spot on so I can understand the worries of people who did have them. I think they no longer need to worry.

I think it’s important to remember that despite being a continuation of the story that came before in the shows first era that this will very much be its own thing. The actors have changed and this time they’re portraying more mature versions of the characters we’ve watched grow on our screens already. With a jump forward in time, things will have changed, personalities have altered, and they may be different from what we already know.

The Queen sees the changes in her portrait

The new teaser trailer shows us The Queen confronted with two images of herself on the latest postage stamps. The younger being Claire Foy and the current being Olivia Colman. It’s described to her as “an elegant reflection of her majesty’s transition from a young woman to settled sovereign”. Queen Elizabeth interrupts and asks if she’s transitioned into an old bat. The humor is still there and I love how different things feel while still being very much the same. The tone and the feel of the show appear unchanged which is important. We’re reminded that there are a great many changes but there’s nothing one can do about it.

It remains to be seen whether this scene will be a part of the show but to me, it feels very much like something thats been created for this trailer only. There are obviously many changes within the show and the creators know of the concerns the fans have. But at this point, there is nothing we can do about it. Queen Elizabeth tells us that “one just has to get on with it” which is what we have to do now. Embrace the changes and just enjoy the show we all love.

Fans have been quite vocal in their concerns regarding changes such as Elizabeth’s eye color, something which the show’s creators felt the need to address. They told us that contact lenses simply didn’t work as they took away all of the characters from Olivia’s eyes and that CGI didn’t work either as it just felt wrong. I personally have no issue with the eye color, it’s a change we just have to accept. Blue eyes or no blue eyes, I can guarantee the performances will be out of this world.

We don’t even have much longer to wait as the third season drops on Netflix in just over seven weeks on November 17th.

Written by Martin Hearn

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