Pop Culture in March 1995: The Oscars & The Bends

It’s Oscar season! Bryan and Don from 25YL join Conor to look back at the Academy Awards from 1995. Is Forrest Gump worthy of Best Picture? We share our favorites, snub, and underrated films from this memorable Oscar year.

The Bends by Radiohead was released. Bryan shares his favorite tracks and the impact this album had on their career. Other topics include Michael Jordan returning to basketball and Outbreak topping the box office.

Ranking Radiohead’s Albums – Written by Bryan O’Donnell

Music25YL: Radiohead, Faith No More, and Morphine – Written by Chris Flackett, Laura Stewart, and John Bernardy

Hidden Gem Picks:

Don: Legends of the Fall

Bryan: Wilco – A.M. & Silverchair – Frogstomp

Conor: Headstones – Teeth and Tissue


The Underground World by Terrible Spaceship

OC Remix #3323 Mega Man 8 ‘Aerobotics’ by Just Coffee

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Written by Conor ODonnell

Conor is the editor and co-host of the WCW vs NWO Podcast which reviews WCW PPVs 96-98. He is also the editor for highly acclaimed Arena Decklist Podcast which delves deep into the Magic: the Gathering tournament scene.

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