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That Chapter

Amber: I am just going to admit it now; I am a true-crime fanatic. If there is nothing I want to watch, or if my attention span isn’t getting on board with binging a show, I always default to a few YouTube channels dedicated to true-crime. It’s kind of like leaving Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness on in the background for pleasant noise.

One of my all-time favorite YouTube Channels is That Chapter, staring my favorite host, Mike. Mike is a great host for many reasons, but he always manages to handle cases with the right amount of respect and lightheartedness. Mike also makes all of the same faces and comments most normal humans would, while telling the stories he shares. I want to make it clear that That Chapter isn’t just true-crime; there are many other topics covered. He has some created playlists that help break down everything the channel has to offer.

“The Captain” is a bit that he does while wearing a Captain’s hat, for Captain Conspiracy, that digs into Illuminati level conspiracies. Basically, we might all be lizard people and not even know it. He covers everything from HAARP to the, admittedly, very creepy Denver Airport. Other topics of interest are just the incredibly weird things that go on in the recesses of the internet. He has videos covering the very strange Lake City Quiet Pills and topics such as the Flat Earth Society. If it’s weird and it happened, you are likely to find Mike talking about it.

He covers old cases, like Dyatlovs Pass, and current event cases like the ongoing saga of Lori Vallow-Daybell. I don’t remember how I ended up on his page in the first place, but I remember the day that I found it, I went back to the first video and played everything available. I binged a YouTube channel. That is absolutely a first for me. That Chapter continues to put out interesting and relevant content video after video. Sometimes That Chapter posts about a case that I am already familiar with, but I still watch because I appreciate how Mike tells a story. Mike rarely minces words, though he does try to remain unbiased if he can. It’s honestly refreshing to see someone call out the bad guys who often get all of the fame in a crazy case. Mike is quick to call them a variety of less than PG names, and honestly, they deserve it. The victims tend to get lost in true-crime, and the perpetrators tend to get all of the attention; after all, the bad guys are the ones doing the genuinely insane things. If you are looking for something to fill your time or even a rabbit hole to go down, I highly recommend That Chapter for all of your weird event needs.

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