The Clockworks

Please Hold, Your Call is Important to Us: Tick Tock

The four male band members of The Clockworks stand in front of wall covered in graffiti

The four male members of the Irish band The Clockworks on the Tube

What the heck is in the water in Ireland right now? The number of top-class bands coming out of the island of Ireland is extraordinary.

The Clockworks moved from their hometown of Galway to London in 2019. They sent Alan McGee a message on Instagram saying “McGee: We’re the punk rock version of The Streets”. It worked. Fortunately, McGee likes ballsy people and so after a listen and seeing them rehearsing he signed them to his new record label “Creation23”, referring to them in the NME as “cocky little f*ckers!”

Their new single ‘Can I Speak To A Manager?’ is evidence of why McGee signed them so quickly. Written in 2018 while still in Galway singer/guitarist James McGregor was sick of the monotony of the 9-5, and infuriated by the plastic world that surrounded him. This was the driving force behind the song. Pairing observational commentary on the frustrations of the every day, with exhilarating art-punk vibrancy this track is a full-on tirade against the modern world. Delivered with urgency and humour, it is a furious song filled with infectious art-punk riffs and relatable lyrics.

McGregor is joined by Sean Connelly on Guitar, Damian Greaney on Drums and Tom Freeman (Limerick) on bass, and the four-piece are without a doubt a band for these times. Now ‘Can I Speak To A Manager?


The Clockworks · Can I Speak To A Manager?

Written by Julia Mason

I love funky punky music you can dance to, and that's the type of music that inspires my writing. Currently an admin for the Fontaines D.C. Facebook fangroup "What's Really Going On?" which now has almost 4000 members. Living in Edinburgh, UK I am also a member of Pentland Triathletes and have completed two Half Ironmans. Good to meet you!

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