Trailer Reaction for Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

Viva la veggie-lution!

Turnip Boy and co.

A stroll through the sweet, sweet allotments of Nintendo Switch games would treat you to a variety of weird and wonderful titles to pluck. It just so happens this trailer caught my attention for something I definitely want to harvest. And I think everyone’s lives would be better knowing Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion exists.

Wanted poster for Turnip Boy
I love playing as the bad guy

If like me, you enjoyed your time terrorizing a small town as a goose in the absurdly great Untitled Goose Game (2019), then I think this has your name written all over it. Judging by the games website, you play as a naughty turnip sticking it to the man (gardener?) in order to tear down a corrupt vegetable government. It looks like you’ll be dealing with all the real-world problems including house eviction, debt-settling, and—of course—tax evasion. All within the colorful world of vegetation humor.

Not much is known why the cute Turnip Boy has had enough of the system, but it certainly looks like you can do a hell of a lot to dismantle it. From the looks of it, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion will have you puzzling, fighting, and grave robbing your way to some sort of victory. Initially, I got a tinge of The Binding of Isaac, although it’ll probably resemble a more open-world puzzler with very little randomization. I noticed you’ll be conversing with a large range of living vegetables, including Mayor Onion, who I think you hate. The dialogue on display offers nice wit and I’m sure is ripe with satirical, vegetation jokes.

Turnip Boy interacting with veg
You’ll probably want your house back

I will say, although the pixel art style looks as gorgeous as a plump tomato, I fear the game could get lost to the vast pixel-art wasteland that is becoming more overgrown with each passing day. However, the title alone should help pull it into the light it looks like it deserves. If anything, I never thought I’d be using a turnip to collapse a government regime. Ah, video games.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is being made by Yukon W. who seems to have created a number of indie titles. You could go ahead a play the demo, which I will be doing when I get a spare half hour. It’s set to be released sometime in Spring 2021 for Switch and Steam. Who knows what the global political landscape will look like by then, but surely a turnip in charge couldn’t do much worse, right?

Written by Christopher Blackmore

Christopher is a peculiar creator of playable theatre, live game design, and surreal horror. Partial to a bad film any day of the week,

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