Zach Wilson, QB from BYU- A Film Review

A football rests on a field

Name: Zach Wilson QB

School: BYU

Size: 6’3/ 210lbs


I rate all QB’s on a scale of 1- 10 in the following areas:


  • Mechanics: 9
  • Pocket Awareness/Presence: 7
  • Progression with Reads: 7
  • Arm Power: 7
  • Accuracy (Ball Placement): 9
  • Attitude (Aggressive/Passion): 9 
  • Ball Security: 7 
  • Footwork: 7
  • Anticipation: 8


I also tally the following:


Good Ball Placement:  89

Bad Ball Placement: 20

INTs: 0

TDs off Blown Coverages: 1

Throwing A WR Open: 19

Stood in pocket and took a hit and delivered a good pass: 13 – He was well protected at BYU

Checkdowns (Excluding screen passes):  7

Looked Off Defenders: 15

Bad Decisions: 9



2018: 120-182/ 65.9% Comp./1,578 Yards/ 12 TDs/ 3 INTS

2019: 199- 319/ 62.4% Comp/ 2,382 Yards/ 11 TDs/ 9 INTS

2020: 247-336/ 73.5% Comp/ 3,692 Yards/ 33 TDs/ 3 INTs


OVERALL:  80/100

Fantasy Upside:  Has the arm talent to be a QB1 in fantasy. Also going to have a nice rushing floor as he matures. It would be nice if he can sit a year before starting. I love his confidence out there as well. Only knock on him is possible maturity issues. If he can stay out of his own way he can be a very good QB in the NFL. I hope he lands with a good organization. 



Arm Talent:

  • Changes arm angles without losing accuracy
  • Can make accurate and powerful throws without perfect mechanics if it’s needed
  • In UTSA game he throws the perfect pass to the back of  the endzone as he is running full speed to his right. Amazing throw on the run. 
  • When he scrambles he doesn’t have to reload completely when someone becomes open- Just a flick of his wrist and he can deliver an accurate downfield throw
  • Can throw outside the numbers without floating it more times than not
  • Puts nice air under his deep throws
  • Throws with a nice touch when needed
  • Capable of unbelievable back shoulder throws off his back foot
  • Makes great throws downfield under pressure
  • Ball placement is awesome on most of his throws- no throws he can’t make
  • Throws a beautiful fade 
  • Generates good power when on the run 
  • Has the arm power to fit balls into tight windows even if the throw is late
  • Has great anticipation and ball placement on broken pays  that he extends
  • Usually puts the ball on the correct side on seam throws, leading his WRs away from big hits from safeties and LB’s- also makes sure his guy is catching it or nobody is on the seam routes
  • Throws a nice back hip ball in the RZ. (The Davante Adams- Rodgers special)
  • There are some tight throws he got away in college that won’t be possible at next level
  • Sometimes he puts too much touch on downfield throws that allows DB’s to recover
  • Throws some absolute dimes as he’s being hit and off balance
  • In zone coverage he throws where the WR can maximize his RAC

Pocket Presence/ Awareness

  • Shifty in the pocket
  • Senses pressure well 
  • Keeps eyes downfield when he extends
  • In UTSA he climbs pocket with pressure everywhere and throws a dime as he’s in the process of climbing and being hit- Incredible play
  • Knows what side to escape to
  • Hard to sack with his overall speed and pocket awareness


Read Progression/ Football IQ

  • Technical. Knows where high % throws are
  • Makes nice reads on option plays
  • He will throw into double coverage at times
  • Will throw it away when nothing is open 
  • Has good knowledge of the guys around him and shows confidence in his WR’s- He sets them up for success
  • Shows great anticipation in 2020 season especially
  • He’s a surgeon vs. zone coverage
  • He reads short route concepts very well
  • When he has time he takes his time. Doesn’t “see ghosts” in the pocket
  • There were times in his film I wish he pushed the ball downfield more on 1 vs 1 but we don’t know what the coaches were telling him obviously
  • Good with finding hot routes vs the blitz
  • Always looking to throw before he runs 
  • Versus 2 deep coverages he shreds the seams 


  • Quick release
  • Good mechanics in the pocket- he isn’t lazy if he has the time
  • Under pressure he still uses proper mechanics if it’s possible
  • Mechanics as a whole are good. Points with left foot, snaps hips, and turns his throwing arm into a whip-like motion
  • Great mechanics on the run as well


  • He’s not Lamar but he can burn you on his feet and it will certainly be a part of his game 
  • He’s got great escapability
  • Above average speed
  • Has no fear running it in the red zone
  • Can make multiple defenders miss sacks in one play
  • Shifty runner overall 
  • Runs with an attitude, he even drops his shoulder sometimes
  • He will definitely be able to beat DL to the edge
  • He will be a nightmare in the red zone 

Written by Scott Acquard

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