Rashod Bateman (WR)- A Film Review

A football rests on a field

Name: Rashod Bateman

School: Minnesota 

Size: 6’2/ 210lbs.


I rate all WRs on a 1- 10 scale. I rate them on the following:


  • Hands: 7
  • RAC Ability Overall: 7
  • Routes Overall: 9
  • Blocking: 3
  • Speed: 7
  • Strength: 6
  • Passion (Fight in the Dawg): 6
  • Contested Catch Ability: 6
  • Route Tree Capability: 9
  • Line Of Scrimmage Ability: 9
  • Body Control: 7
  • Ball Tracking: 8


I also tally the following:

*Just from what I saw. These aren’t final stats in any way.


  • Games Watched:  6
  • Successful Contested Grabs: 14
  • Broken Tackles (running through arm tackles): 4
  • Successful Spin Move: 0
  • Successful Stiff Arms: 3
  • Successful Jukes: 5
  • Routes Won: 76
  • Run Block Wins: 5
  • Fumbles (Fumbles not lost counts here):  0 in his college career


Overall :  87 /100

Position: X or Slot WR

Upside:  He can be a WR1 with good QB play. He isn’t a good run blocker but I don’t know what his assignments were obviously. He doesn’t have elite speed, but he does have good speed and great separation skills with a combination of great LOS play and great route running. He can certainly be explosive after the catch making people miss, but he can be run down by most NFL DB’s.

***I do want to note the ball placement by his QB was typically not very good


College Stats:

2018: 51 Rec./704 Yards/ 6 TD

2019: 60 Rec./1,219 Yards/ 11 TDs

2020: 36 Rec./ 472 Yards/ 2 TD’s 

*5 Games Played



Route Running

  • Gets open quick outside
  • Quick feet at LOS. Great footwork altogether
  • Good speed- Elite quickness
  • Can be left wide open after his breaks
  • His short route running is incredible
  • Medium and deep route running is good- not a burner though
  • Beat a double team with his route- had a wide open TD but QB threw a terrible ball (Penn ST- 2019)
  • Quick and deceptive with his feet at line
  • Great field awareness
  • Can stop and cut on a dime
  • Wide open a lot in zone
  • Can beat man coverage
  • I don’t have a lot of contested catches to tally because he’s open constantly
  • I’m not sure what amount of freedom he is allowed in his routes but he seems like he understands what routes to run based on   how DB is playing him
  • Can beat press coverage with his feet and hand checking/maneuvering at line
  • Extremely versatile route running- can do it all
  • Finds soft spot in zones well
  • Can beat doubles with his route running alone
  • Great at the top of his routes



  • Takes a poorly thrown screen pass almost the distance  (Auburn 2019)
  • Gets to top speed quickly
  • Can make a catch as he makes the first guy miss
  • Finds open green grass quickly
  • He’s got more than enough speed to make Safeties pay for bad angles
  • He has ability to make multiple defenders miss after the catch
  • Can take a dump off 30 yards or more on any given play
  • Very good in space with jukes and cuts


Ball Skills

  • Catches ball away from body when possible
  • Can block out and attack the ball 
  • Capable of circus catches
  • High points ball well
  • Good ball tracking skills anywhere on the field
  • He sometimes doesn’t come back hard enough for the ball, allowing DB to recover and break it up
  • I don’t love his contested catch ability over the middle
  • There are a couple bad drops on his film 
  • His QB wasn’t very good and the team itself was bad- not all on him by any means


  • Runs weak routes on options/ run plays- Half speed
  • Doesn’t hurry to block usually
  • I hope he wasn’t asked to block normally on run plays because he doesn’t do it most the time
  • At times it looks easy for Bateman
  • Braces for hits too much and sometimes doesn’t make the catch because of it. It’s one of his few cons that does repeat itself
  • I have an issue with effort when he’s down big. Routes sloppy and he gave up (Iowa 2020)
  • When they got to goal line in Iowa game, he then turned it back on and scored a TD

Written by Scott Acquard

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