The Old Metal Bar-Steward Episode 12 Is Here For Your Pleasure

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The Old Metal Bar-Steward Episode 12 is here for your pleasure. That’s right, you filthy animals, it’s been a week since my dulcet tones brought you all the news, views, and opinions that are fit to rant about, and now it’s time for another dose of your weekly metal injection. But what does your Old Metal Bar-Steward have lined up for you this time out, courtesy of 25YL Media and The Ruminations Radio Network?

First up, it’s Nutty Nugent watch and you can relax, America, Old Uncle Ted has figured out the best way to stop mass shootings in your country is by arming more people. Then, I review the killer lead track from the forthcoming Dee Snider album, Leave A Scar before jumping on The Linda Linda’s bandwagon while it’s rolling by. This is followed by more “News From The Neck” as Corey Taylor has been talking up the forthcoming Slipknot album, a record that Clown has already said is “God’s Music.”

The Download Festival is running a test event in a couple of weeks, plus, Rammstein has announced they’re heading stateside next year. The Metal God, Rob Halford, wants to work on new music with Babymetal, and Nita Strauss has some interesting collaborations up her sleeve for her next album.

Then it’s on to politics, as Ultra Vomit has played a show for the President of France, while Max Cavalera has been sticking the boots to the Brazilian PM. Noodles from The Offspring has been calling out Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, for comparing having to wear a mask to the Holocaust, and Megadeth has decided to fire Dave Ellefson for getting his wang out on the internet. Marilyn Manson is being taken to court for spitting on someone, Exodus drummer Tom Hunting is determined to be onstage for the Psycho Las Vegas festival, cancer be damned, and Paul Stanley from KISS is still laughing at a bad review from 1974. And finally, if you’ve got more money than sense you can get to some auction sites to bid on Mitch Mitchell’s platinum and gold discs, a terrible Kurt Cobain self-portrait, and Alex Van Halen’s drum kit from the 1980 Invasion tour.

As always, if you’re easily offended then The Old Metal Bar-Steward is probably not for you, and you should know that the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone, and in no way reflect the opinions or thoughts of 25YL Media or The Ruminations Radio Network. But if you have a sense of humor, then the next 34 minutes should brighten up your day. I’m off next week, but I’ll be back in two week’s time with more of my musings. Until then, stay safe and stay metal, you filthy animals.

Written by Neil Gray

The Grandmaster of Asian Cinema.

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