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24 Songs For You

The Wedding Present stand in front of a brick wall
Photo by Jessica McMillan

Why not a few? Why not a slew? That’s what Stephen Sondheim asked us in “More” and The Wedding Present’s David Gedge must have been listening, because he’s decided to give us a song a month. A 7″ every 30 days or so. 24 of ’em.

Well, it is called 24 Songs.

That’s loads. 24 songs? Over 12 months? They’ve done this sort of thing before. And it’s so good to hear they’re doing it again.

This time The Gedge has written with Jon Stewart from Sleeper for the first time and what they’ve produced seems mouthwatering.

The Wedding Present lean against a white wall
Photo by Jessica McMillan

They promise a duet with Sleeper singer Louise Wener and also a sweet, sweet Wedding Present feistiness in ‘Don’t Give Up Without A Fight’ with a touch of Krautrock to add a little grit with the pearl.

Not only that, there are more great photographs from Jessica McMillan, friend of the band of course, and the photo which came with my info is a black and white Brutalist building; I love concrete crenellations.

Members of The Wedding Present in a brutalist collage of brick and woods
Photo by Jessica McMillan

The beauty and the brutal;  that may be my attraction to The Wedding Present.

For those thinking 2022 is ages away, you’re right, but hang on. Listen to this. The first track, ‘We Should Be Together’, will be available this Tuesday at 12 noon GMT on their official YouTube channel. That’s tomorrow. Or even today!

And to make this a bit more special, 24 Songs is a bit like a club, with subscription details and early bird offers available.

And what’s more, there’s special box bounty to buy too, as a collectors edition.

Sounds like a great idea. David Gedge seems to think so:

In 1991, The Wedding Present were rehearsing in a studio in Yorkshire when we hit upon an idea that immediately thrilled us all. Our bass player [Keith Gregory] had been a member of the Sub Pop Singles Club—a service that allowed subscribers to receive 7”s released by that Seattle label on a monthly basis. Keith wondered if we, as a band, could attempt a similar thing. In that instant, The Wedding Present’s Hit Parade series was born and, during 1992, we managed to release a brand new 7” single each and every month.

Every month a 7″ single. That will surely allow them to experiment a bit and I can’t wait to hear what they give us. Whatever it is, it will unmistakable.

Is that it? Nope, there’s this too…

The Wedding Present Tour Dates in 2021


21: Cork – Cyprus Avenue

22: Limerick – Dolan’s

23: Dublin – Button Factory

24: Belfast – Empire


17: Edinburgh – Liquid Room

18: Manchester – O2 Ritz

19: Chester – Live Rooms

20: Nottingham – Rock City

21: Norwich – Arts Centre

24: Cambridge – Junction

25: Bristol – O2 Academy

26: Reading – Sub89

27: London – O2 Forum Kentish Town

As the 30th anniversary of the Hit Parade approaches and as fans are often asking David about it, he says, ‘I began to wonder if we should celebrate it in some way.’ He explains, ‘A Hit Parade Part 2 didn’t feel quite right, though. Then, someone said to me: “Other bands have released music in similar ways but there has been nothing like the Hit Parade.” And they were right! A 7” single a month seems, somehow, very ‘Wedding Present’. So, inspired by that little idea from three decades ago, we’ve embarked on this new project, 24 Songs.’

Could be a daunting thought, recording so much music to order, but the main man has been inspired by the music he, Jon and Melanie Howard (bass) have made. I’m sure fans will too.

A little bit of sunshine hitting your life every month…

Written by Steve Swift

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