RB Breece Hall- Iowa State

2022 Rookie Report Card

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Name:  Breece Hall

School:  Iowa State

Size:   6’1 / 220lbs.

I Rate all RB’s on a scale of 1-10

  • Footwork:8
  • Vision:7.5
  • Patience: 9
  • Elusiveness/ Evasion: 8.5
  • Contact Balance:  8
  • Tackle Breaking Ability (when a defender has a hand on him):  8.5
  • Game Speed: 8.5
  • Burst:  9
  • Hands: 7
  • Route Running:  4
  • Run Toughness:  6

Overall:  87

I also tally the following:

Games Watched:  8

Successful Stiff Arms:  4

Successful Spin Moves:  8

Trucks:  6 

Tackles Shed: 49

Evaded Tackles:  34

Pass Block Losses:  14

Pass Block Wins:  23

Fall Forwards:  65

Routes Won: 9

*Total in career

College Stats:

2019: 186 Att./897 Yards/9 TDs

2020: 279/1,572/21

2021: 253/1,472/20

*82 Receptions/734 Yards/6TDs 

Summary/Fantasy Upside: 

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Breece Hall is the word smooth. He makes everything look easy. His patience at times is brilliant, however, sometimes he misses opportunities for bigger plays because he is waiting too long for something to happen when he should have bailed already.  He is incredibly hard to bring down and sometimes had to rewind plays to count all the missed tackles.

In the right system that uses Hall’s receiving prowess out of the backfield, Breece Hall can be a back-end RB1. My favorite places for him to go would be BUF, MIA, ATL, and ARI. My RB1 out of this class for the time being. Below are some notes that I took while watching his tape.

Physical Gifts 

  • Good burst off his plant foot
  • Has a wicked spin move
  • Quick change of direction and burst afterward
  • An absolute terrorist to defenders in the open field
  • Sometimes pulled off 2 spin moves in one play
  • Retains good speed after contact
  • World-class acceleration
  • Start and stop ability is very good and part of his arsenal
  • Very smooth visuals
  • Elite level hesitation moves
  • Can beat LBs and S’s to the outside
  • Going to be a good short-yardage back
  • Not going to test great for speed but has game-breaking game speed
  • Can make defenders tackle thin air
  • Freezes defenders with his footwork
  • Doesn’t lose a lot of speed changing running angles
  • 0-100 in just a couple of steps
  • Has a nasty jump cut
  • Doesn’t allow arm tackles to even slow him up
  • Stays upright, even when in odd angles


  • Sometimes freezes with early penetration
  • Uses his body control to cause deception
  • Shows that he’s capable of picking up blitzes
  • Patient but not too patient, usually
  • Knows when to accelerate, knows when to wait
  • Shows capability of weaving through congested running lanes
  • Can try to do too much at times
  • Sometimes sees outside lanes too late
  • Uses the least amount of movement necessary
  • Sets up cutbacks nicely
  • Capable of in-game adjustments
  • Misses a TD in TCU ‘21 game reacting too late to the outside lane
  • Understands angles and leverage well as a ball carrier
  • Manipulates S’s well-sells gaps


  • Breece Hall is a tough runner-doesn’t shy away from contact
  • Good blocker on option plays
  • Usually takes multiple defenders to bring him down
  • Iowa State tried to use him on option plays where he could throw
  • Becomes possessed at the goal line
  • Going to be a great red-zone weapon- can win in a variety of  ways

Passing Game 

  • Gets better at pass pro after 2019 season
  • Sketchy pass pro in 2019 season
  • Can come up with complete whiffs on blocks
  • Gets upfield in a hurry during YAC
  • Has very reliable hands
  • Not running any intricate routes out there- mainly just runs into flats

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Written by Scott Acquard

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