A Triumph: Arena Pleasers Open the Vaults

A silver eagle surrounds the word Triumph in the logo for the Triumph vault

Triumph are often forgotten in Rock, aren’t they? There are those other Canadian rockers, what are they called, Tush? Thrush? Anyway, they’re so much more popular than those Triumph boys. Aren’t they?

Now I love Rush as well and there has to be space for two ’70s and ’80s Canadian successes.

Because Triumph were a success. Constant platinum and gold albums, radio play galore and—as the documentary Rock & Roll Machine shows (I hope it’s more available soon, it’s warm, welcoming and really informative)—they played arenas throughout the holy grail territory, America.

Round Hill Music called them ‘a powerhouse rock’n’roll machine that, between 1975 and 1993, scored four Gold-certified albums and one Platinum-certified album in America, and multiple album certifications and Juno Award nominations in their Canadian homeland.’

And as the release information reminds us, ‘Triumph’s headlining tours were legendary, and the band was featured on many memorable stadium/outdoor shows—including the US Festival, the World Series of Rock, the American Rock Festival and Texxas Jam, Day on the Green, to name but a few.’

Their fans are so committed too, to a band who seemed warm and welcoming. Their music is eminently accessible and that’s really hard to do—Triumph did it with stylish regularity.

The Vault

Now there is an online repository of Triumph goodies, never before seen items and real collectibles, all available to purchase.

Although Triumph began delighting fans in 1976, many fans feel they reached their pomp in the early ’80s with the turn of the decade Progressions of Power and then cemented that excellence with 1981’s Allied Forces album.

Many of the items in the virtual vault date from that time, an album which charted so well for them and, it could be argued, even busted them wide open to the public

And original members Mike Levine, Gil Moore and Rik Emmett are involved, curating it with Definitive Authentic. That’s good, because fans always want to be sure of the authenticity of band items they buy, so they’ve assured us:

Definitive Authentic is in the extraordinary position of having direct knowledge of each certified artifact.

Every piece is accompanied by the item’s individual history and details, and comes with our blockchain secured Certificate of Authenticity.

What Do You Get, Then?

Well, since you ask, there will be rare photos, audiograms, videos, behind the scenes content and…exclusive collectibles.

Sound appetite-whetting? Well, when you access the vault, there are great in-action photos, singles, bootlegs, VIP passes and so much more.

There’s so much stuff here and not just the usual deluxe CD rerelease offer—that’s not to denigrate those products, but this has a really treasure trove feel.

And what’s more, they have promised to add more—Triumph booty will be added regularly and to make it feel even more special, there will be signed and number limited edition items, and those who sign up are entered into a completion to win a Dean Flying V guitar!

Dean guitars are so well known for the iconic Flying V design, they’ve been doing it since 1977. About this particular model:

Eastern Mahogany body and set neck construction offer all the warm tones and sustain needed for any player.

Loaded with DMT Series Time Capsule pickups to bring back the nostalgia of the original.

Don’t worry though, it’s good for current styles too!

As Triumph drummer Gil Moore said, ‘Finally, after years of touring and recording, we’re able to unearth and display rare elements and artifacts from Triumph’s history. We can now share with our fans what we’ve been stowing away for years at Metalworks Studios.’

Great to See

Triumph are overlooked, I reckon. A band who had great success but which few people talk about. Now there’s a documentary to celebrate this brilliant band and an array of articles to enjoy for fans.

For all the Triumph goodies, visit

And enjoy! Progressions of Power indeed…

Written by Steve Swift

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