Matt Corral – Rookie Report Card

Can Corral Become a Top 12 Fantasy QB?

A football rests on a field

Matt Corral

Ole Miss

6’1/ 205lbs (For his size and given his running style, I am concerned that he gets injured too often. Please learn how to slide, sir.)

Rookie Report:   

Matt Corral has all the tools to be a great QB option for fantasy football and is my number 1 QB for 2022 rookie drafts. I think his ceiling could be a top 12 fantasy scorer at his position. He’s going to have a solid rushing floor and has the arm power to put it where he wants. Put on any Ole Miss game in the past two years, and you most likely see a lot of athletically gifted plays being made by Matt Corral. He was the betting favorite to win the Heisman part way through the ‘21 season. That was before injuries to himself and the supporting cast killed his chances down the stretch. 

He does have quite a bit of upside but I think he needs to be redshirted for one year before he gets unleashed on the NFL. I have seen him get mocked inside the top ten, and also mocked just inside the top 20. I just hope whoever takes their chance on this young man, can give him that first year to learn. There is real concern about Ole Miss’ offense, and how a QB from that program translates to the NFL. 

I do have some concerns about him seeing the field from the pocket. There are some plays where the outlet is open and he forces things deeper. This is a very common knock for QBs with his natural ability. They can rely too much on their natural ability instead of taking what is there and making the smart football play. It can take them years to truly take what the defense gives you. I do also have concern for his size since he does like to run, and he likes to run like Josh Allen. Allen is much bigger and can handle much more punishment. 

In a SuperFlex rookie draft, I am comfortable taking him at 1.03. Anything after 1.03 should be considered great value for Corral. I hope he goes to the Commanders. I would love an athletic QB back with RiverBoat Ron. Washington has some nice weapons as well. The Steelers would be another welcomed landing spot. There are weapons everywhere there. 

Arm Talent    7/10 

  • Good release 
  • Good arm strength
  • Throws with very nice velocity short-intermediate
  • Needs some work on deep accuracy and ball placement – but shows the ability to put it where it needs to be
  • Throws a pretty slant with some real heat in between LBs and DBs 
  • Has a nasty pump fake
  • Ability to throw back across his body on the run (otr)
  • Throws a pretty slant 
  • Sometimes doesn’t lead his WR enough 


Mobility  8/10

  • Great speed
  • Tough runner – sometimes to his own detriment 
  • Good quickness out of cuts 
  • Can spin out of pressure w/ ease 
  • Reminds me of Trey Lance running 
  • Great burst- before the D even knows what is happening he’s 20 yards downfield 
  • Good tackle evasion ability


Pocket Presence  6/10

  • Can get give up and run if flustered in the pocket 
  • Had a very good OL – had a pretty clean pocket a lot of the time
  • Can deliver a nice ball w/ pressure at times
  • Can hold the ball too long and sometimes doesn’t feel backside pressure
  • Slides nicely in the pocket – doesn’t always look to escape and run – shows the ability to make sudden, subtle movements to buy time to deliver a pass


Awareness.  5/10

  • Can force the ball and pass up his outlet(s) – a slight concern he doesn’t see the field well 
  • Looks to throw – keeps eyes downfield 
  • Plays like it’s his last game
  • Sometimes doesn’t see the field or sees it too late
  • Will usually throw it away vs force a throw if it’s not there


Mechanics   6/10 

  • Looks sound overall
  • Like to see his non-throwing elbow a little tighter but he makes it work on film
  • Good feet 
  • Good throw motion – fluid 
  • Nice wide base when he throws 
  • Can go from otr to set and throw very quick 
  • I see nothing concerning in regards to his mechanics – no obvious flaws that can kill him 


2021: 262/386/ 67.9%/3,3349 Yards/ 20 TDs/5 INTs

2020: 231/326/ 70.9%/ 3,337 Yards/ 29 TDs/14 INTs

2019: 105/178/ 59.0%/ 1,362 Yards/ 6 TDs/ 3 INTs 

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Written by Scott Acquard

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