Carson Strong—Rookie Report Card

Can this member of the Nevada Wolf Pack make a difference on your dynasty teams?

A football rests on a field

Carson Strong, Nevada

6’4/ 215 lbs

College Stats: 

2019: 237/ 374/ 63.4%/ 2,335 Yards/ 11 TDs/ 7 INTs

2020: 249/ 355/ 70.1%/ 2,858 Yards/ 2,858 Yards/ 27 TDs/ 4 INTs

2021: 366/ 522/ 70.1%/ 4,175 Yards/ 4,175 Yards/ 36 TDs/ 8 INTs


A 3-star recruit coming out of high school, Carson Strong has some natural arm talent that is clearly on display when you turn the tape on. He can make any NFL throw and is going to be an interesting value pick in the upcoming 2022 Superflex rookie drafts. 

Strong had a magnificent 2021 campaign with the Nevada Wolf Pack, throwing for 4,175 yards and 36 TDs. He set a school single-game record of completions last year (49) and was named to the Davey O’Brien Class of 2021. The Wolf Pack to the top passing offense in the Mountain Conference and the third-ranked passing attack in the nation! 

While he can throw a heater, I want to see him get more aggressive if he gets a chance in the NFL. He can also lock onto his intended targets for a little too long, which can cost his team a better play outcome. His mobility is non-existent, and his injury history is very alarming. You can see the injury history on his surgically rebuilt knee below.

Strong can make any NFL throw for your offense. He can put the ball in incredibly tight windows, slide well in the pocket, and can hang in there and take a hit with the best of them. There is no doubt in my mind that he could develop into a solid starting QB. All reports are that this kid will put in the work and will be an instant locker room leader. Guys like that usually get a shot. 

I think he’s destined to be at least a good backup, but I think he could also become a solid starter with some work on his mental awareness for the position. I wouldn’t draft him in fantasy until late 2nd, but wouldn’t feel 100% comfortable unless I got him in the 3rd. 

Best Landing Spots: HOU, PHI, ATL, IND, BUF (Allen handcuff?). I would like him to go somewhere where he doesn’t have to start immediately. 

Overall:  73 

Arm Talent   8/10

  • Very nice velocity on the ball.
  • Throws a pretty goal-line corner pass. 
  • Can throw a 15-yard out no problem.
  • Good accuracy outside the numbers, even downfield.
  • No problems in bad weather.
  • Puts balls where he wants.
  • Drops dimes consistently.
  • Can get through all progressions with his type of arm power. 
  • Great touch—makes a lot look easy.
  • Has a ton of confidence in his arm.
  • Can throw screens from the opposite hash and outside screens. 
  • Can throw into tight windows over the middle.

Mobility  2/10

  • Slow as dirt but he can do enough to keep a play alive. Hard to tell if he will have that same success in the NFL with quicker, better defenders.

Pocket Presence  8/10

  • Can move in the pocket and still get really nice zip and accuracy.
  • Keeps eyes downfield when moving in the pocket.
  • Hangs tough in the pocket.
  • Really good footwork.

Mechanics  6/10

  • Can brace for contact early and get a little off-balance, which can lead to some wild throws 
  • Drives the ball well.
  • Creates good torque with his hips. 
  • Smooth and fluid throwing motion.
  • Good release time.

Awareness/Decision Making 6/10

  • Looks capable of processing zone coverages. 
  • Good processing speed.
  • Usually takes what the defense gives him, but there are times he can get ultra-aggressive.
  • Protects his WRs with good ball placement.
  • Can lock onto targets at times.
  • Can sacrifice bigger gains by not holding the ball an extra second.
  • Can take the outlet too early sometimes.

Injury Concerns:  9/10

  • Knee problems – Same knee, two surgeries on the same knee, although he says it’s fine now.

Fantasy Upside:  6/10

  • Top-16. In my opinion, he has to land in a good system with a good OL. 
  • He has one of the best all-around arm talents and one of the most consistent QBs available.
  • I think that Carson Strong can be a decent QB2 and a great QB3 on your SF rosters.

Written by Scott Acquard

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