Drake London—Rookie Report Card

The Tower of London

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Drake London


6’5/210 lbs (Awesome size without question)



Overall: 86

Best Landing Spots: NYJ, PHI, CHI, MIA, BUF, MIN, KC


A captivating athlete who has elite(plus) size, some shifty route running, and a ferocious play style, Drake was an interesting tape to put on. London was not a guy I was looking to draft at all prior to watching his tape. After watching him, I have him as my WR #3 and I don’t anticipate that changing until after the draft, if ever. I will probably draft him in a couple of places.

London was a special talent at USC. As a 4 star recruit, he won 2021 Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year, even with missing time due to a season-ending and concerning ankle injury. He also led the Pac-12 in receptions (88,) and in receiving yards (1,081).

London is surprisingly shifty in his route running and very deceptive in his deep routes. He can create more separation than I expected he would create. He’s a tough runner who can push piles, demand multiple tacklers, and possesses decent contact balance. He has two baseball mitts for hands, which makes catching look like an effortless endeavour that he takes for granted.

Surprisingly, he has some work to do in contested catch situations. He can be late jumping and jumps into defenders, which subtracts from his mismatch advantage. If he can perfect this part of his game, he will be a force.

I’d like to see him used mainly in the tight slot, which should attract TE-like matchups. It will also highlight his blocking skills. I think he would be most effective in this role. I would also love to see him play with a guy like Allen or Mahomes, who will give him every opportunity to make plays. If all goes well I think he can be a WR 1 in the NFL, maybe even annually. I would be ok taking him after the 1.06 in SF leagues. I want both Wilson and Burks before I take London. Burks has a similar type of size and is way more explosive. Both would be ideal in the slot as well.

Route Running (RR):  7

  • Good snapping of hips at the top of route—creates nice separation on curl routes
  • Takes the correct angle in his routes in zone coverage—knows where to attack
  • Shows nice flashes of ability to get separation 
  • Better intermediate to deep in RR
  • Absorbs contact well 
  • Usually winds up open at some point in his route 
  • Can turn a DB around with head fakes at the top of his route
  • Mainly one route speed
  • Explosive off of his cut foot 
  • Can hit the brakes quickly and lose defender 
  • Needs to get hips lower more consistently at top of the route and in and out of his breaking routes 
  • So sneaky on long routes—little shifts in his hip and shoulders that can really fool a defender and create some space 

Hands: 9

  • Uses those big mitts well at point of catch
  • Proper hand distance at point of catch 
  • Catches away from the body 
  • Can catch a little close to the body when blocking a defender out 
  • Makes catching look effortless and automatic

Contested Catch Ability/Body Control: 6

  • Goes up and snatches the ball 
  • Blocks out well 
  • Has to get hands further out during contested catch situations
  • “MY Ball” mentality 
  • Bad vertical which is moderately concerning 
  • Jumps late sometimes in contested catches and he doesn’t maximise his size advantage because of it 
  • Can catch and brace for big hits while still in the air and I feel like is evidence of at least above average body control 
  • Makes nice late adjustments on the ball kind of like Davante Adams on those classic back shoulder balls 
  • Can really take a lick from defenders and hold on 
  • Can jump backwards into defenders minimizing his size and height of jump 
  • Definitely has work to do in this department but if he puts it together he’s going to be great

RAC Ability: 5

  • Can be difficult to bring down if he gets up to speed
  • Vicious runner- gives you everything he can for yards 
  • Nice burst for his size 
  • Gets north and south immediately after the catch or even as he’s catching 
  • Drops his pads really well when it’s called for 
  • Will get dragged down from behind in the NFL

Physicality: 9

  • Tough football player and will beat up on undersized DB’s 
  • May thrive in today’s NFL with some smaller DBs that are designed to cover elite speed- going to be a matchup problem 
  • Ultra aggressive 
  • Pile pusher
  • Throws his weight around

Awareness:   7

  • Solid scramble drill game 
  • Doesn’t jump when it’s not needed- knows when to stay grounded
  • Can read and find soft spots in zones well 
  • Makes his way back to QB well in scramble drills

Possible Roles on Offense (Versatility): 7

  • Good blocker out of the slot- will help snap count 
  • Want to see him go to a team without a superb slot WR so he can move around with more ease 
  • Going to be effective taking on a big slot role, hopefully
  • He runs short routes in college but I want to see him target mid to deep in the NFL
  • Could be an Alpha WR1 for a team 
  • Would love to see him play a lot of tight slot, getting modern-day TE type matchups 

FF Upside:  9

  • Top 20 WR 
  • Top 10 with good QB play is possible 
  • Most likely a high TD guy 

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Written by Scott Acquard

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