Jameson Williams: Rookie Report Card

Fade or Fire?

A football rests on a field

Jameson Williams, Alabama

WR/ 6’2″/ 179lbs. 



Overall: 75

Best Landing Spots:  NE, NYJ, NYG, KC, PHI, MIN, WAS

Route Running: 5

  • Jameson Williams is really quick off the line—he explodes post-snap.
  • I definitely pick up on some wasted foot movement in his routes, which aids the defender and minimizes his separation at times.
  • He explodes the other way on deep routes once he gets the defender’s hips locked in, creating nice separation.
  • You’d like to see more speed manipulation used on some deep routes—make the defender think you are running full speed and then turn on the jets at the top of the route.
  • Pretty good speed out of breaks.
  • Needs some help with contact off of the line—his “come to balance” release needs some work.
  • Okay at selling vertical routes and breaks them off quickly, creating above-average separation
  • Needs some work on his hip violence.
  • Can come out of his breaks inconsistently in terms of his speed—sometimes too slow but other times perfect.
  • I know I am kind of tough on him in this department, but in my opinion, I also see really nice flashes of route running, so I think he if cleans up the technique he can be a special route runner.
  • Can swing his outside plant leg too far out, considerably slowing his break down at the top of his route—almost looks undecided when selling an outside fake before he cuts back across the DB’s body.
  • Can lean back at top of the route, slowing him down—just needs to be more consistent with chin over knee when he’s about to break.

Hands: 7

  • Can drop “gimmes.” 
  • Good spacing with his hands at the point of the catch.
  • Can catch too close to his body at times.
  • He doesn’t have special hands, but I don’t think it’s going to kill him.
  • Makes some really nice deep grabs when running at full speed.
  • Can struggle with the tough catches.

Run After the Catch Ability: 7

  • He can take it to the house on any given play once the ball is in his hands.
  • Great burst—leaves DBs in a trail of dust.
  • You’d like to see him change hip direction before the ball gets there more—he can sometimes. wait for the ball to change hip direction, which creates less separation.
  • Explodes through the ball.
  • Reads blocks and running creases well.
  • Good contact balance.
  • Needs to secure the ball better during the run after the catch.
  • Can beat DB to the sticks even if they take a good angle.

Body Control/ Contested Catch: 3

  • Can leave feet when it’s not needed.
  • Can catch and brace for hits in the air.

Physicality: 3

  • Struggles with contact and physical DBs.
  • Blocking might cost him some snaps because he’s pretty much clueless out there and shies away from contact.

Awareness: 5

  • Can wait too long to get his head turned around towards the QB.
  • Seems lost in a lot of blocking assignments.
  • Needs to sit down in soft spots and make himself a better target for the QB.
  • Does a good job at tracking poorly thrown balls at times.

Possible Roles on Offense:

  • I would like him to go to a team that will move him inside and outside.
  • Get the ball in his hands in space. 
  • In my opinion, Williams is going to start out predominantly as a deep threat with some jet sweeps and screens thrown in. He probably will be cheaper to acquire in dynasty after year one.

Fantasy Football Upside:  6

  • I think Jameson Williams’ upside is capped at or around a mid-WR2. 
  • He could sneak into low-end WR1 if he cleans up his shortcomings, but it’s hard to count on that because there are quite a lot of things to clean up.

Written by Scott Acquard

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