Treylon Burks: Rookie Report Card

A football rests on a field

Treylon Burks WR

6’2/ 225

Arkansas Razorbacks



Overall:  92

Best Landing Spots:  KC, WAS, GB, LAC, NYG, CHI *

*= Not in any type of ranking or order 


When you dig into Treylon Burks tape, you’re in for a real treat. The 6’3, 225 pound Burks is as explosive as it gets, but it doesn’t stop there. He’s good at pretty much everything, and he’s shooting up my draft board. He’s also another candidate for best hands of the class; he’s great in contested catches, he pulls away lightning quick, and he’s a slippery ball carrier. There’s a lot to like and it’s hard for me to stop daydreaming about different ways he could be used in an NFL offense.

It was honestly rough for me to come up with negative remarks on Burks. He doesn’t climb the ladder incredibly high, but he blocks out to make up for it. Sometimes physical DBs won a snap and stayed in his hip pocket, but he’s also a guy who can win, even when he loses. It’s going to be hard for me not to put him as my WR1 in this class.

I think my favorite landing spot for Treylon Burks is GB. They got a great coaching staff, Aaron Rodgers, and not much in terms of target competition. I do think you could use him like the 49ers do with Deebo, somewhat. I trust LaFleur to put him in a position to succeed. He’s a guy I trust to make the best out of any situation, though.

FF Upside: 8

  • Can be a top 12 talent 
  • Ability to win you weeks with chunk TDs 
  • The reason it isn’t a 9 grade is that if he goes to a team with a bad offensive mind, his floor can be low.

Route Running (RR): 8

  • Takes contact during his route well 
  • Can lose his footing—shows up a few times on tape 
  • Can slow down a little too much before his break 
  • Nice hesitation off the line, especially on 9 (Go) routes
  • Shows the ability to manipulate his speed on routes to aid in separation 
  • Good speed in and out of breaks 
  • Attacks defenders aggressively and if they get caught flat-footed, he’s burning you 
  • Nice stick-jab steps that rewards him with some quick separation 
  • Quickly snaps off routes on comebacks with limited steps—some WRs need to take 5 steps to break it off, he takes 3 or less usually
  • He’s open constantly—you love to see it 
  • Can stop on a dime 
  • Beats perfect coverage with a blend of technique and God-given athleticism that you just can’t teach  

Hands: 9

  • Makes catching look completely effortless 
  • Does a have a couple of drops on tape but mostly he’s money 
  • Good hand technique 
  • Can secure ball quickly and effortlessly
  • Catches away from the body 
  • Good concentration in most situations 

Run After Catch Ability (RAC):  9

  • Good technique with securing the ball and getting his hips north and south before he has total control, which helps a ton with RAC 
  • Good contact balance 
  • Can break good tackles where the DB hits him perfectly 
  • I don’t care about the track meet (combine), this dude can pull away from the entire defense 
  • Can destroy press coverage with his footwork alone
  • Great spacial awareness and quickness in tight areas
  • Got a little work to do in his vision department 
  • If you miss on the first tackle, it usually takes multiple defenders to bring him down 
  • Breaks arm tackles
  • Can lose his footing

Body Control/ Contested Catch Ability: 7

  • Can secure catches with defenders all over him with his great hands and body position 
  • Can sometimes slow down to reach for a ball when maybe the better option would be just to explode through the ball and separate from the defender instead
  • Shows some elite-level ball tracking skills
  • Good jump timing
  • Goes up after the ball and blocks out at the same time in 1 on 1 jump balls
  • Doesn’t jump up crazy high

Physicality: 9

  • Not afraid to lower the shoulder—Madden hit stick stuff 
  • Quickly gets off of bumps in coverage—usually doesn’t even phase him
  • Should be able to bully smaller DBs in the NFL—going to be interesting to see what defenses will do against him
  • They will have to cover with a bigger DB and a safety over the top—I think he can take advantage of that 
  • Pancakes defensive backs

Awareness: 8

  • Reads zones and their soft spots well 
  • Usually, he reads defenders well and counters their attack with the correct technique
  • Consistently makes the right decisions
  • Read blitzes well and runs the correct hot route
  • Makes a lot of heads up plays

Possible Roles on Offense:  

  • The possibilities for Treylon Burks are endless—inside, outside, upside down, RB—Can he throw? Hell yes!
  • Won’t lose snaps due to an unwillingness to block and he’s an elite blocker (for a WR) on top of it 
  • I really like him out of the tight slot, coming across the formation in either a jet sweep or in passing situations
  • Does a lot for the offense because the defense is always concentrating on him—he provides a nice boost to teammates around him 

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Written by Scott Acquard

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