Skyy Moore: Rookie Report Card

The Skyy is the Limit

A football rests on a field

Skyy Moore, WR, Western Michigan

5’10/ 191lbs



Overall:  82

Best Landing Spots: BUF, GB, TEN, IND, NE, PIT


I am going to start this off by saying that as a Buffalo native, I am a bit biased towards The MAC conference. That being said, I am not afraid to say that Skyy Moore is an absolute baller who can change the outcomes of games on Sundays. He’s really solid all the way around, a very gifted route runner, and has very nice top-end speed to score a home run every now and then. He plays much bigger than he is and can win almost every possible way. He can hold his own after the catch and plays with an ultra-competitiveness. He will be adored by his future team and coaches,

I am sure that a lot of people will have him mainly as a slot, but I do think he can take snaps outside. He’s definitely a player I would like to hide from press coverage where possible, but even then I believe he can still win. My only other real concern is production. Even though he played in the MAC, the only statistical category that he led his conference in was receiving TDs in 2021.

I am comfortable taking him in the first few picks in the second round of rookie drafts. He doesn’t blow you away with athleticism or else I would take him in the first; as it is I do feel it’s a reach to take him there. If you have a late first I recommend a trade to 2.02-2.04 and get a little extra currency for your first. I do think that he will be a really good player on Sundays after all is said and done, and he’s a nice addition to PPR dynasty rosters!

Fantasy Football Upside:  8

  • Can be a nice WR2 in 12-team PPR leagues.
  • I am going to target him as an elite flex play, but he can really exceed that characterization.
  • I’d say WR15 on the year is probably his ceiling.

Route Running (RR): 9

  • Nice footwork off the line.
  • Creates enough separation on slant routes and can catch in traffic.
  • Sells fakes with good hip motion at the top of his routes.
  • Good pad level on curls and comeback routes.
  • Times his fade routes well—waits for DB to move his hips first before he breaks to the corner of the end zone.
  • Great hesitation move on slants.
  • Great hip speed.
  • Counters DB leverage well.
  • Great shoulder technique against press coverage.
  • Usually open by a few steps.
  • Can run any route and multiple routes in one play—he’s a special route runner.

Hands: 9.5

  • Can catch balls that are behind him without losing all of his speed.
  • Great concentration at the catch point.
  • Effortless hands.
  • His late reactions to the ball with his hands and body is phenomenal—adjusts as good as anyone with very quick, yet soft, hands.
  • Almost flawless hand technique.

Run After Catch Ability (RAC):  7

  • Can take it to the house on any given play.
  • Tough runner who will sell out to make the play.
  • Good vision after the catch.
  • Sheds weak tackle attempts.
  • Nice pad level.
  • Very elusive runner.
  • Wins vs. tacklers in a multitude of ways.
  • Very nice change of direction and lateral agility.
  • Can be run down as well at times, though.

Body Control/Contested Catch Ability: 8

  • Can secure the ball and brace for contact at once, helping him in tight coverage/
  • Shows great control of his body in the air.
  • Wins In tight coverage in a lot of different ways.
  • Can take a hit and hold on.
  • Can get vertical quickly and attack the ball even if he was in motion prior to going vertical.
  • Good timing with his vertical jumps.
  • Attacks the ball at its high point and can also shield the ball away from the defender at the same time, which exhibits impressive body control.

Physicality: 7

  • Tough football player.
  • Not afraid to get dirty over the middle.
  • Hard to press because of his phenomenal footwork, contact balance, and shoulder pad level.
  • Plays bigger than he is.

Awareness: 8

  • Aware of how to attack defenders and manipulate them.
  • Finishes play.
  • Plays very scrappy—there’s a chip on his shoulder.
  • Understands how to set up defenders in the RAC department.
  • Would like to see him get his hips north and south quicker.

Possible Roles on Offense:

  • Can move him all over the field.
  • Really like him as a slot better considering his size and build.
  • Going to feast when matched up vs. safeties.
  • You want him at Z WR off the line and away from press coverage as much as possible.

Written by Scott Acquard

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