Barry S3E6: “710N” — Beignets by Mitch, Sauce by Sharon

Barry sits at a table, looking at his phone and eating a beignet
Photograph by Merrick Morton/ HBO

The following contains spoilers for Barry S3E6, “710N” (written by Duffy Boudreau and directed by Bill Hader)

I have never much liked to base predictions or theories about a show upon things external to its narrative, but given that Barry was recently officially renewed for a fourth season, I think it’s pretty safe to say we didn’t just see Barry die. I wouldn’t entirely put it past this show to kill off its lead, and it would be a fascinating and daring move if they did, but I don’t think that’s likely. Instead I am expecting something like Agent Nguyen showing up just in time to save him, which would of course open a new bag of worms. The proverbial panthers are certainly circling Barry and I’m not sure how he gets out of this. Maybe he doesn’t.

There is something poignant about Barry’s excitement to go to dinner when Sharon invites him. He truly desires to connect with others and to be a better version of himself. His moral compass is just non-existent. But the entirety of the long and hilarious bike chase/shootout in S3E6 indicates Barry’s commitment to this opportunity for acceptance at the same time as it is another absurd “crazytimesh*tshow”—his focus is never really on those pursuing him; it remains on getting to what is supposed to be a gathering of old friends that might provide him solace.

But it looks like he should have listened to Mitch and dipped his toe.

Noho Hank, teary-eyed, eating a beignet
Photograph by Merrick Morton/ HBO

S3E6 is punctuated by advice from Mitch as he serves his delicious beignets. (It’s no wonder the line is so long!) It’s a nice framing device for the episode, and I have to say Mitch gives people good guidance. Of course they don’t tend to take it. Sally is going to take the new gig working for BanShe on The New Medusas instead of trusting her talent. Noho Hank is almost certainly not going to take up Mitch’s business partnership offer (as he seems weirded out by being one-upped in the friendliness department). And Barry dives head first into being poisoned.

I have to imagine that Fuches visited Sharon sometime after Albert did, as she did not at all seem suspicious of Barry during that conversation. Perhaps she put it together right afterwards and called Ken Goulet, or perhaps I am forgetting something, but I was actually surprised by the murder attempt at the close of “710N” even if I did find the spur of the moment dinner invitation to be a bit odd.

Fuches sits in a truck, looking out the passenger side window contemplatively
Photograph by Merrick Morton/ HBO

Speaking of Fuches, we also see him almost killed in this episode, have a brief pseudo-redemption arc, and recommit himself to taking vengeance on Barry. Classic Fuches.

Meanwhile, Gene has been offered a TV show centered around his acting teacher skills, and he insists that they also bring Annie onboard. I think Gene really does want to make amends, and despite Annie’s reluctance, that she’s going to take him up on his offer. It’ll be interesting to see how that relationship develops from here.

Barry holds a phone in front of his face as he shops for shirts
Photograph by Merrick Morton/ HBO

There are two episodes left in Season 3, and given the uncertainty the closing frames of S3E6 leave us with, I’m finding it very hard to muster any predictions about where this story will go. “710N” plays with themes about redemption, or second chances. Gene is looking for a second chance to make things right with Annie. Sally is giving a second chance to BanShe even though she feels they betrayed her. Noho Hank is pondering whether he should forgive Cristobal. Fuches has another chance for a quiet life he gives up in pursuit of revenge. And of course Barry has been looking for a shot at redemption since the series began.

(Or, well, sort of. The text message he dictates too loudly while shopping in a store is more indicative of what Barry’s attempts to make things right tend to look like than anything, and it’s a disaster.)

But none of the others are exactly making good decisions, either. They should listen to Mitch. His beignets are dope.

Written by Caemeron Crain

Caemeron Crain is Executive Editor of TV Obsessive. He struggles with authority, including his own.

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