Time to Watch the Mrs. Davis Trailer (I Heard She Wants to Talk to You)

A nun wearing sunglasses in the trailer for Mrs. Davis on Peacock

I just ran across Mrs. Davis by total accident. Or did I? Because after all, the premise is about an artificial intelligence that seems to have the reach of Alexa and Siri combined, with an intelligence well surpassing ChatGPT. It has infiltrated itself into the ear of just about everyone on the planet via an Airpod-like device. It is an algorithm more addictive than TikTok, sending its “partners” (not users) off on quests to earn “wings.”

Sounds like the perfect recipe for evil.

A man and a woman lift glasses from their eyes

Enter Sister Simone (Betty Gilpin), a nun who stands up to the AI and plots its demise (“it, not her” she reminds someone in the trailer). Along with ex-boyfriend Wiley (Jake McDorman) and her Mother Superior (Margo Martindale), they lead a rebellion that the AI apparently knows about and is actively encouraging.

A nun holding out a sword, the frame bathed in red

The trailer, just released on YouTube on March 14, looks like a lot of fun. Peacock describes the series as “an exploration of faith versus technology” with the tag line of “an epic battle of biblical and binary proportions.” No wonder the show feels like Warrior Nun meets Preacher, facing off against Mr. Robot. Damon Lindelof (of Lost fame) is co-creator and co-executive producer. With his penchant for puzzle box prestige TV, I’m already wondering if Simone’s name is a nod to the 2002 movie S1M0NE, and if there won’t be all kinds of AI-related Easter eggs like that throughout. The trailer drops hints of meaningful scars, secret societies, holy artifact weapons, a field full of pianos, a space suit dipped in green goop, and a quest for the Holy Grail. This could be quite a rollercoaster ride.

Deadline has a message from Mrs. Davis herself, er… I mean, itself, that helps set the premise. A fun little marketing gimmick. Or is it?

Mrs. Davis will air the first four episodes on Peacock on April 20, with the remaining four episodes releasing one per week on Thursdays.

Written by Brien Allen

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