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We hope that you enjoy reading our articles with your eyeballs, but if you’d prefer to listen to our work with your earholes we’re proud to offer a selection of our favorites in audio form on The TV Obsessive Channel.

Many of these entries will be read aloud by the author of the work, though sometimes another will narrate an article because the author is shy, or doesn’t have a microphone, is too busy, or for whatever other reason. We’re not making anyone read their work out loud who doesn’t want to.

Sure, in this day and age you could run the things you want to read through a program of some kind and get audio articles in a robot voice that way, but our wager is that you might enjoy the human touch. And there is some music in the mix at times, too.

I shouldn’t have phrased it as a either/or above! We hope you’ll enjoy these articles in both ways, whether at the same time or disparate times.

Here’s a list of the audio articles we currently have on offer:

Check back for new additions to the list, follow us on social media and on Podbean, and if there’s something in our catalogue of articles you’d like us to read, please feel free to make a request in the comments!

We’ve also launched a podcast and a YouTube channel. Please like, subscribe, leave good reviews and so on. Thanks for listening to The TV Obsessive Channel!

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