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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 49: News, Notes & Sugar Episode 7

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This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 49, Caemeron and Ryan break down Sugar S1E7, “The Friends You Keep.” But first, in the news:

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On Sugar Episode 7, “The Friends You Keep”

Sugar wakes up in the hotel (human again) and Melanie wants answers. Not about the alien thing apparently, but about Sugar getting all beat up at Stallings’ house.

Miller shows up before John says anything and the two escape, with Sugar finally letting Melanie think he is a “foreign spy” whose job is just to observe.

Miller does get to Henry first, however, and Sugar must find out why the Polyglot Society does not want him to find Olivia.

Tracking Miller and Henry, Sugar ends up at a house where all the other (alien) members are, and Ruby declares the mission is over and they have been called back. Sugar simply can’t fathom leaving before he finds Olivia and convinces Henry to give him the address where she is. Henry implies Sugar might be starting to become too human.

The reason the aliens don’t want her found is someone found out about the aliens and is threatening to expose them unless they drop the case. Not letting that distract him, Sugar tracks Olivia down at the home of Senator Pavich’s son (Ryan); apparently a sadistic killer who kills himself when he is discovered. The episode ends with Sugar finding Olivia locked up under the stairs.

  • What why is the mission and has it really been called off?
  • What other open questions might Pavich be the answer to?
  • Thoughts about where the series may go from here

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

We conclude our coverage of Sugar on Apple TV+ by delving into the Season 1 finale.

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