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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 50: News, Notes & Sugar’s Season 1 Finale

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This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 50, we discuss the Season 1 finale of Sugar, “Farewell.” But first, in the news:

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On Sugar‘s Season 1 Finale (S1E8, “Farewell”)

Sugar finds Olivia alive, and she is returned to Melanie, Bernie, and Jonathan. Jonathan offers Sugar a job, but he refuses, and instead asks Jonathan about Clifford’s body and the photos of Rachel. 

While driving, Miller is suspiciously stopped and murdered by a police officer. 

Sugar meets up with Melanie one last time to leave his dog with her, and reveals to her what he truly is before he leaves. 

Henry lets Sugar borrow a CD player so he can listen to the CD he took from Ryan Pavich’s basement. This convinces Sugar there was a second person in the basement when his victims were being tortured. 

He goes back to talk to Olivia who confirms there was another person in there who would just write, but never speak. Sugar believes this second person is Henry, so he calls him about it and Henry confirms it is true. 

Before the call ends, Henry says he did it to observe and learn more about humans, but also implies he abducted Sugar’s sister, Djen. 

Sugar meets up with Ruby and tells her because Henry is not leaving, neither will he. He wants to try and find out what happened to his sister, and he leaves to go hunt down Henry.

  • What happened to Charlie?!
  • Thoughts on Henry’s heel turn
  • Does this all make sense?
  • Hopes for a Season 2

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