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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 53: News, Notes & The Curse

Asher, Whitney and Martha in a row, looking pleased in The Curse S1E9, "Young Hearts"

This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 53, Caemeron and Ryan talk about The Curse (Season 1). But first, in the news:

Asher reflected in the mirror wall of a house in a way that distorts his face as he gets makeup applied in The Curse S1E7

On The Curse Season 1

Whitney and Asher Siegel are an entrepreneurial eco-conscious couple who are trying to bring their vision of new forms of green housing to the town of Española, New Mexico and to the screen on HGTV. 

Their friend Dougie is the producer of the proposed show and tries to use their work and the messiness of their marriage to make something that HGTV and viewers will want to see. 

Along the way, a young girl curses Asher for not giving her money, which causes him, his marriage, their show, and their vision to spiral downwards—sometimes by actual circumstances, and sometimes by Asher’s behavior and psychology. 

In the future, after Whitney gets pregnant and her relationship with Asher improves, the show Green Queen is renewed for a second season, and Asher gives his renter Abshir the deed to a property outright. The show ends with Asher beginning to float as gravity has seemingly reversed on him. He seeks help from his family and friends, but Dougie sees a great moment for TV. After the fire department tries to help him, Asher is shot into space at the same time Whitney gives birth to their new baby boy.

  • Thoughts on the show’s visual style and sound
  • Gentrification/environmentalism/cultural appropriation
  • Whitney and Asher being out of touch
  • On the ending and possibilities for Season 2

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

It’s the first anniversary of the podcast, and Ryan has chosen 3 Body Problem as his favorite show (we haven’t previously discussed in depth) of the past year.

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