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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 55: News, Notes & Prep for The Bear

Richie and Carmy share a moment, touching each other's arms
CR: Chuck Hodes/FX.

This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 55, Caemeron and Ryan revisit the first two seasons of The Bear, in preparation for Season 3. But first, in the news:

We talk about the premiere of House of the Dragon and how HBO is betting on Game of Thrones shows. Caemeron talks about being sucked into watching The Traitors. Ryan offers some thoughts on the recently concluded season of Top Chef.

Carmy and Richie fight from opposite sides of the door to the walk-in
CR: Chuck Hodes/FX.

Getting Ready for The Bear Season 3

Season 2 of The Bear focuses on Chefs Carmy Berzatto and Sydney Adamu trying to open their new restaurant—The Bear—that takes the place of Carmy’s family restaurant, The Beef, that his brother left to him. 

The kitchen crew, including Cousin Richie, Marcus, Tina, and Ebraheim, all return and are a part of the plan to make the fine dining establishment work. Carmy’s sister, who is quite pregnant, agrees to be project manager. Neil Fak returns to be do-everything, Mr. Fix-it. Uncle Cicero is funding the project but expecting quick and positive results.

In standout episodes, Carmy finds opportunities for Marcus, Cousin, and Tina to all grow in their abilities and their confidence while they all try to race to meet a tight deadline to open for a friends and family night. 

Carmy begins a relationship with an old high school friend, Claire, but he doubts his ability to be a successful fine-dining chef while also being able to have a life outside the restaurant. The season ends with a successful friends and family night, but with Carmy locked in a refrigerator and angry at himself that he tried to make both things work.

  • Will Carmy and Claire reconcile?
  • Will Donna be in Season 3? What about other “cameo” characters?
  • Thoughts on the theme of work/life balance

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

We discuss Season 3 of The Bear, which releases on Hulu on June 27

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