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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 56: News, Notes & The Bear Season 3

Carmy and Syd talk after a hard dinner service.
Photo Courtesy FX.

This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 56, Caemeron and Ryan dig into the third season of The Bear. But first, in the news:

Richie and Syd try to reconcile the dining room and the kitchen.
Photo Courtesy FX.

On The Bear Season 3

After a successful friends and family service (not you Carmy!), The Bear is open for business, but things are far from smooth. Carmy and Richie are still yelling at each other every day, Carmy wants to change the menu with each service, Sydney is contemplating a partnership agreement with the restaurant, Marcus is grieving his mother’s death, and the restaurant is hemorrhaging money in its first few weeks for a variety of reasons.

Carmy is afraid to contact Claire after this outburst at the end of Season 2, and it’s affecting his performance as a chef and a boss. After seeing many snapshots of Carmy’s past with mentor chefs, it’s clear he is becoming more and more like David Fields (Joel McHale, the tyrant chef) every day. Sydney is struggling with this version of Carmy and is strongly considering an offer to be Chef De Cuisine at a new restaurant Adam Shapiro is going to open after Ever suddenly closes its doors. 

A surprise heads-up that the restaurant is going to be reviewed sends everyone into a panic because the reviewer came without them knowing. Uncle Cicero gives Carmy an ultimatum that he is going to “cut the string” if they get a poor review. 

Sugar goes into labor while on a supply run, and has to rely on her mom, Donna, to help her get through it. The two ultimately bond and begin to repair their fractured relationship.

At the funeral service dinner for Ever, many chefs talk about their hatred for dysfunctional kitchens, which causes Sydney to really question whether she should be with Carmy, causing a panic attack later that night. At the same dinner, Carmy confronts David Fields and tells him he destroyed the person he was, while Fields argues that it made Carmy great. Chef Terry tells Carmy she closed Ever because she wanted more of life. 

The season ends with the review from the Chicago Tribune coming in, which seems to be a mix of positive and negative aspects about The Bear.

  • Claire
  • The Faks
  • Themes and unresolved questions

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

We continue to discuss The Bear Season 3, with a focus on standout episodes.

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