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The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 57: News, Notes and Standout Episodes of The Bear Season 3

Tina rides the bus while she looks for a job in Chicago.
Photo Courtesy FX.

This week, on The TV Obsessive Podcast Episode 57, Caemeron and Ryan continue to discuss The Bear Season 3, with a focus on “Napkins” and “Ice Chips.” But first, in the news:

Tina and Mikey talk at The Beef in The Bear S3E6, "Napkins"
Photo Courtesy FX.

On The Bear “Napkins” & “Ice Chips”


After 15 years of working as a payroll clerk, Tina is laid off from her job at a terrible financial time for her entire family. Tina tries to get a job all over Chicago, but has no college degree, limited skills, and the world seems to be taken over by young, hungry employees. 

After stopping at The Beef, Richie offers Tina a free sandwich and she has a conversation with Mikey about how cruel the world has been to them. Both see the value in work, but just need to have a routine and love the people they are with. At the end of the conversation, Tina is offered a job as a line cook and she accepts.

  • Tina’s philosophy of work
  • Her passion for food as comfort, service
  • The conversation with Mikey

“Ice Chips”

After going into labor at a restaurant supply store, Natalie, aka Sugar, rushes to the hospital but can’t reach Pete or anyone at the restaurant. Seeing no other option, she calls her mom, Donna, who meets her at the hospital and immediately chaos begins. But during Sugar’s labor, Donna is able to calm her down and the two bond over stories of Mikey, Carmy, and Sugar’s birth. Sugar tells Donna she didn’t originally tell her about the pregnancy because she didn’t want her child exposed to the dysfunction. Pete arrives in time for the baby to come and Donna can relax, comforted by the Faks.

  • On Jamie Lee Curtis’ performance
  • Natalie and Donna connecting in this situation
  • The Faks

Next Time on The TV Obsessive Podcast…

We’re taking a week off, but will return on July 19 to discuss the new Apple TV+ series Lady in the Lake.

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