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  • A man sits in a boiler room in a white t-shirt in the trailer for The Bear Season 2, which premieres in summer 2023

    Summer 2023 TV Premieres: Release Dates for New and Returning Series

    Long gone are the days when TV in the summer meant a mish-mash of reruns shown in no particular order. We’ve got a pretty full slate of new shows and seasons set to premiere in the summer of 2023, and I couldn’t be more excited. “Go outside!” they’ll say. But I would prefer not to. […] More

  • Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux stand side by side wearing suits in White House Plumbers on HBO

    May 2023 TV Premieres: What’s Coming and Why to Care

    Summer’s just around the corner, but first—it’s May! Which I think is, or should be everyone’s favorite month. Not too hot, not too cold… Not that it matters much as we stay inside and watch TV. Below you’ll find a list of series and season premieres we’re excited about, along with release dates and blurbs […] More

  • TV Obsessive logo, white

    Tune into The TV Obsessive Channel for Aural Pleasure

    We hope that you enjoy reading our articles with your eyeballs, but if you’d prefer to listen to our work with your earholes we’re proud to offer a selection of our favorites in audio form on The TV Obsessive Channel. Many of these entries will be read aloud by the author of the work, though […] More

  • A man and a woman lift glasses from their eyes

    April 2023 TV Premieres: Release Dates, Networks and Reasons to Watch

    Welcome back to the 2023 premieres! This time: April, the month of fools. If you’re playing along at home, you’ll have noticed that in March we’ve covered Daisy Jones & The Six, You, Lucky Hank, Yellowjackets, and Succession. A number of things below we’ll be publishing articles on in April. It’s an exciting time! Anyway, […] More

  • Myrtle smiles, her arms wide, in front of a chainlink fence

    We Recommend: Gay Bar, Volcano, Hello Tomorrow!

    Welcome back! It’s time for some staff recommendations. This month, Caemeron encourages you to catch up on Hello Tomorrow! on Apple TV+, Christopher has been reading Gay Bar: Why We Went Out by Jeremy Atherton Lin, and Cat spills a lot of virtual ink singing the praises of the 1997 disaster movie Volcano. Honestly, after […] More

  • Four women surround a dining room table in Bad Sisters

    Bad Sisters, Ella Flame and the Nighthawks, Community & More

    Give me some rope, tie me to the dream, and strap in for our staff recommendations! This time around, Cat spills virtual ink over Bad Sisters on Apple TV+, Tim has the new Ella Flame and the Nighthawks EP (Avenue of Sorrows) on repeat, Robin is finally watching Community, and Clay offers another edition of […] More

  • Bob Odenkirk, with glasses and a white beard, points a finger in Lucky Hank

    March 2023 TV Premieres: Release Dates, Blurbs & More!

    March 2023 is going to bring us a number of highly anticipated new and returning TV series, from Yellowjackets to Succession, Ted Lasso, The Mandalorian, History of the World, Part II and more. We’re here to run down the upcoming premieres we’re excited about, and to say a little bit about why. Below you’ll find […] More

  • Raised by Wolves S2E7 - Vrille's hand, holding a rock, etching words into a fallen log

    TV Obsessive Is Looking for Writers!

    If you’ve always dreamed of writing about TV, we may have a job for you! Unfortunately this job does not currently pay money, but that doesn’t keep us from taking what we do seriously. We want to put out the best writing on TV in town, without worrying too much about what’s popular and what […] More

  • An old man with tubes in his nose, wearing a cross necklace, in Tulsa King on Paramount+

    Check Out Tulsa King, Meet The Boss, and (Re)watch BoJack Horseman

    Welcome back! It’s time for another edition of Larks & Recs, wherein you’ll find recommendations from our esteemed group of writers and the occasional lark into foreign territory. This week, Hawk Ripjaw is watching Tulsa King, Clay Dockery discovers some new music, and Robin Moon is revisiting BoJack Horseman. What have you been into lately? […] More

  • Adam Scott with a balloon in the teaser for Party Down Season 3

    February 2023 TV Premiere Dates: Upcoming Series We’re Excited For

    Welcome back! In this installment, we’re going to focus on upcoming new and returning TV series set to premiere in February 2023, though we’ll include as much as we can working later into the year, prioritizing things with release dates. Putting this list together is unfortunately difficult, as it involves pulling from multiple sources of […] More

  • Mark and Milchick dance around the office in Severance

    The 2022 TV Awards: Our Favorite Shows and Performances of the Year

    It’s time once again for the TV Awards: the most definitive list ever compiled of things that some of our TV Obsessive writers liked in 2022, along with some of our disappointments. It’s our take on a “best of” list, eschewing any faux objectivity. These are merely our favorites. We have reasons, and we’ll offer […] More

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