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  • An old man with tubes in his nose, wearing a cross necklace, in Tulsa King on Paramount+

    Check Out Tulsa King, Meet The Boss, and (Re)watch BoJack Horseman

    Welcome back! It’s time for another edition of Larks & Recs, wherein you’ll find recommendations from our esteemed group of writers and the occasional lark into foreign territory. This week, Hawk Ripjaw is watching Tulsa King, Clay Dockery discovers some new music, and Robin Moon is revisiting BoJack Horseman. What have you been into lately? […] More

  • Adam Scott with a balloon in the teaser for Party Down Season 3

    February 2023 TV Premiere Dates: Upcoming Series We’re Excited For

    Welcome back! In this installment, we’re going to focus on upcoming new and returning TV series set to premiere in February 2023, though we’ll include as much as we can working later into the year, prioritizing things with release dates. Putting this list together is unfortunately difficult, as it involves pulling from multiple sources of […] More

  • Mark and Milchick dance around the office in Severance

    The 2022 TV Awards: Our Favorite Shows and Performances of the Year

    It’s time once again for the TV Awards: the most definitive list ever compiled of things that some of our TV Obsessive writers liked in 2022, along with some of our disappointments. It’s our take on a “best of” list, eschewing any faux objectivity. These are merely our favorites. We have reasons, and we’ll offer […] More

  • Marty McFly playing the guitar in the Back to the Future: The Musical trailer

    Recommendations — Back to the Future: The Musical and Detroiters

    Sometimes I find myself thinking about the scene in Back to the Future where Marty tries to order a soda and how it hangs on back-to-back jokes about brands of cola that don’t exist anymore. I wonder if those jokes are in the musical version. Perhaps I should ask Cat, whose recommendation really makes me […] More

  • A man has a colorfully muddy face in a still from Survivor Season 43

    Recommendations: Survivor and Angus

    Survivor has not been on the air for 43 years (though it has been on for 22, which is a heck of a long time!). I remember well that summer it premiered, back in 2000, not because I was swept up in it or watched it all, but because everyone else was when I wasn’t […] More

  • A woman sits in a living room while a man stands across from her, in Barbarian

    Recommendations: Barbarian and Ghost in the Machine

    My understanding is that the term ‘barbarian’ originally just meant someone who isn’t Greek, which is a little xenophobic. I’m not telling you to avoid the word, though, or saying it’s a problem in the title of the film Hawk is here to recommend to you this week (Barbarian). You don’t have to care about […] More

  • Anthony Hopkins talks while wearing a suit in The Virtuoso

    Recommendations: House of the Dragon and The Virtuoso

    Oh, dear reader, I’m so frightfully sorry! Here I promise you Larks & Recs each week and when you’ve dutifully checked for our missives these many days, you haven’t found them. Sorry we’ve let you down. This week I’ve got a little recommendation for you of House of the Dragon as spectacle, and Paul’s here […] More

  • Lucy holds a cup of tea in Timeless

    Recommendations: Timeless and Don’t Make Me Go

    Hey party people. If you’re not familiar with this feature, what we do is recommend things to you, new or old, that we’ve been into lately and think are worth your time. TV shows, films, books, podcasts, games, music, and more are on the table here. Whatever our writers want to recommend in a given […] More

  • Two men and a woman lounge and have drinks in The Forgiven

    Recommendations: Stay On Board, Karma Police, and The Forgiven

    Recommendations include Stay On Board: The Leo Baker Story, The Forgiven, and “Karma Police” by Radiohead. A little over 20 years ago, I worked as a doorman at a bar. This might be somewhat hard to believe if you know me, as it’s not the kind of work that suits me at all. I wasn’t […] More

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