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  • A split screen of the leads in The Flatshare

    The Flatshare Is the Perfect Mini-Series, but I Want More!

    When a show starts with a woman sitting alone in her apartment sobbing to loud music haunted by memories of her past, you know that you’re in for a relatable ride. Then she goes and picks up the phone to the exact person that left her in this situation, and you think to yourself, ‘why […] More

  • Close-up of Rachel with an excited smile

    Rachel Bloom Steals the Show in these Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Favourites!

    A while back I shared my favourite Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs that didn’t feature Rachel Bloom. Every song in the show is perfection, but there are some that speak to me and get under my skin and I never stop singing them! Today I wanted to put Rebecca Bunch and her incredible talent in the spotlight […] More

  • The cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend stands in sailr costumes

    My Top 10 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Non-Rebecca Songs!

    If you didn’t already know, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is my favourite thing on television. Nothing else I have seen can manage to address mental health in such a serious manner, provide an accurate portrayal of someone suffering from BPD, and still be a lighthearted humorous musical! The large list of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend songs have never failed […] More

  • Various characters sit at a table in Coffee Talk

    Coffee Talk: The Game Where You Never Expected a Plot Twist

    A couple of weeks ago I found myself scrolling through my partner’s collection of previously downloaded Xbox Live Gold games, and stumbled across a visual novel called Coffee Talk. I’ll admit, at first, I didn’t think much of it seeing the screenshots of elves and werewolves, and figured it would be a story playing out […] More

  • Ritchie hangs onto the back of a police officer who is holding a bat

    It’s a Sin: Russell T Davies Breaks Our Hearts Once More

    Last Friday, February 19th, the final episode of the five-part series It’s a Sin aired here in the UK and I feel that it is the most important show I’ve ever witnessed in hoping to be educated in LGBT history. I am often reminded of just how lucky I am to live openly as a […] More

  • Eric smiles and waves his arms in the air in front of a Yorkshire background

    The ’90s Proved that Britain Knows How to do Comedy

    I’m somebody who tends to fall in love with a television show and watch it over and over again for the entirety of my life. It’s so easy to do this with sitcoms because they’re fun and lighthearted and can be played in the background of whatever you’re doing. While I love American comedies like […] More

  • Alyson has her arm around Tylers shoulder as he leans into her

    Tell Me Why: LGBT Representation in Games

    As a member of the LGBT community, I notice representation wherever it can be found. I have previously stated that popular games are lacking in representation of our community but I think that has recently started to change. Over the past three weeks, a wonderful game called Tell Me Why has been released in the […] More

  • Heather, Paula, Rebecca and Valencia stand in shock, Rebecca in a wedding dress

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: “Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?”

    Remember during Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 when Rebecca was being drugged by her mother and started to believe that Naomi was being kind to her? During the song “Maybe She’s Not Such a Heinous Bitch After All” (which is incredible, by the way) Rebecca sings “I know it sounds like I’m falling in love, well, […] More

  • Rebecca puts a santa ornament next to a Christmas tree ornament

    My Mom, Greg’s Mom, and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves!

    ‘My Mom, Greg’s Mom, and Josh’s Sweet Dance Moves’ is the first holiday episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It stands out to me because it highlights the roots of a lot of Rebecca’s problems. We have all seen it countless times, when anyone on television (even in real life) addresses their issues, usually in therapy, it comes […] More

  • The friends open presents around the table

    Christmas Episodes That Feel Like Home

    It’s my favourite time of the year! We’re only three days away from Christmas day and on Christmas day I love to go through my list of all my favourite shows and binge their Christmas episodes! To be honest, I do this all year round, but now it’s extra special. So I’m sharing my personal […] More

  • James stands on the balcony with his hands rested together

    Power S6E10: “No One Can Stop Me”

    Last week, I ended my review of S6E9 with “Next week is the last episode of Power before the series breaks over Christmas, and I predict we’re in for a major cliffhanger.” Oh. My. God. I did not expect that cliffhanger. OK, looking back, maybe I should have expected it, but as the moment approached, all […] More

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