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  • Map of the World Featuring SuperNation Ulm

    The Rhythms of Digital History: A Guide to Historical Grand Strategy Games

    It’s beyond cliché to start an exploration of any topic by referring to the dictionary. So I hope you’ll bear with me when I tell you that Merriam-Webster’s defines “history” as “a chronological record of significant events often including an explanation of their causes.” I start with the cliché because it’s the understanding most of […] More

  • A remote control points at a screen with the Canadian flag on it

    The Surprising Quality of Canadian Comedy: A Primer for Americans

    One of my favourite exchanges from The West Wing is a typically Aaron Sorkin back-and-forth between Amy Gardner and one Donatella Moss, who’s just been informed she was actually born in Canada, and was therefore endowed with certain inalienable rights. “Canadian, huh?” Amy asks. “Yeah,” Donna responds. “You feel funnier?” “No, but I am developing […] More

  • A book titles Eine Reise durch die Zeit in Dark on Netflix

    Dark: Loops and Choices — A Primer on the Grandfather Paradox

    The core of Netflix’s 2017 drama series Dark is time travel. Talked about, meditated over, and weighed as fantastical or terrible by the different characters in the series, it provides not just the impetus for the plot of the show, but the philosophical conundrums the characters consider and exist within. The problem is time travel, […] More