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  • Tim Barry on stage playing guitar
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    Simply Living: A Perfect 10 by Tim Barry

    Tim Barry is a folk singer/songwriter from Richmond, Virginia. For many years he fronted the band Avail, who is also worth checking out if you appreciate ballsy, melodic punk rock. Tim’s songs are simple but powerful. He doesn’t consider himself a good guitar player (though I disagree). He focuses on how a song feels, and […] More

  • A phonograph in black and white in front of a curtain in Twin Peaks

    Under the Lights Where Pantera Stands Tall

    It’s December 2004. I’m standing in a driveway next to a puddle of my puke. The whiskey isn’t getting along with my stomach. It’s numbing my pain though, so I pour another blacktooth grin and smile. The cement is littered with broken bottles and shattered souls. I hear my friend shout, “Watch it go!” seconds […] More

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    My Favorite Guitar Solos: An Epic List of Tasty Licks

    The keyword here is “favorite.” I’m not saying these are the best guitar solos ever written. That would be ridiculous. These are just the ones that move me the most. I’ve been caught numerous times playing air guitar to most of these. So it goes. I usually appreciate solos more for their emotional impact than […] More

  • A phonograph in black and white in front of a curtain in Twin Peaks

    Reading Between the Lines of Stone Temple Pilots

    The year was 2010. The date was today. The record was simply titled, Stone Temple Pilots. After nine long years, it was beyond exciting to have a new record from these ’90s rock pioneers in my hands. Little did I know it would be Scott Weiland’s final recording with the band. Although, unfortunately, neither his […] More

  • Pearl Jam's Binaural album cover

    Pearl Jam’s Binaural Was Light Years Ahead of Its Time

    Twenty years after the release of Pearl Jam’s Binaural (May 16, 2000), I still think the album suffers a bit due to Tchad Blake’s muddy production. Punkier songs, such as “Breakerfall” and “Grievance,” feel bogged down and muffled by the heavy bass tone. It’s a shame you can’t always hear Mike McCready well in the […] More

  • We are Motorhead album cover

    Motörhead Is Still Kicking Our Asses

    We Are Motörhead was unleashed upon the world 20 years ago, on May 15, 2000. It holds its ground as one of the absolute best from the last half of their career. The first thing worth mentioning is the outstanding production. Motörhead was such a deafening band, who played with so much ferociousness, that this […] More