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  • Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy singing for the demon Sweet
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    What’s With All the Carrots?

    When a non-musical show decides to have a stab at a musical episode, it can go one of two ways. It can be diabolical, feeling completely out of place and ruining the characters and story the fans have grown to love. Or it can be incredible, transforming those characters into a whole new version of […] More

  • The VVitch wanders naked into the woods
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    I Put A Spell On You — Witches in TV and Film

    Halloween is almost here; I hope you’re ready to quake with fear. Snap the twigs and burn the hair, I hope you can handle a little scare. Crack your bones and tear your skin, something wicked stirs within. Eat your soul and fly to hell, can you hear the witch’s bell? Now that I’ve hexed […] More

  • The Black Ops crew gather in a smoke filled darkness

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 review

    Hello, Anthony Divers here, gaming addict and horror super fan. I’ve been an avid gamer since being a small child and still consider my consoles my favorite possessions. I like a variety of games but first person shooters, action and horror games are my go to games. Top games for me would be the Bioshock […] More

  • Charles Manson on the cover of Hippie Cult Leader

    Hippie Cult Leader: The Last Words of Charles Manson

    You have a collect call from Charles Manson. When I was given the chance to read Hippie Cult Leader: The Last Words of Charles Manson before its release, I couldn’t say “Yes!” fast enough. My love of horror films has naturally developed into a fascination with real life horror stories, particularly serial killers, and over […] More

  • Umbrella Academy

    The Dysfunctional Family That Are The Umbrella Academy

    It can be said that I went into watching Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy pretty biased, being a My Chemical Romance mega-fan and long-time reader of Gerard Way’s comics. I had high hopes, and my expectations of Way’s vision may have been inflated by the hype I built up in my head about how amazing this […] More

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    Fashion Icon Karl Lagerfeld Has Died, His Fashion Will Live On

    The sad news of Karl Lagerfeld’s death has been announced today, and as a former fashion student, and long-time Lagerfeld fan, I wanted to write a little piece in memory of such a style icon. He may have said some controversial things over the years, but his influence on the fashion world is undeniable, and […] More

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    The Umbrella Academy Episode One

    The Umbrella Academy has landed on Netflix at last, and as a huge fan of the comics, I couldn’t wait to jump in and see what the show had to offer. I had a couple of doubts after the trailers, but as the ending credits rolled on episode one, these doubts had disappeared. So join […] More

  • Comic art of the siblings in The Umbrella Academy

    Netflix Releases New The Umbrella Academy Trailer

    When I saw the teaser trailer for the upcoming Netflix adaptation of Gerard Way’s comic series The Umbrella Academy, I was left feeling a tiny bit ecstatic. I’ve bought the comics as they came out over the years and lapped up the artwork and intricate story. So to see the characters I love so much […] More

  • Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Luke Crain in The Haunting of Hill House

    The Haunting of Hill House: Luke

    One of the most chilling and talked-about series to hit our screens this year is The Haunting of Hill House. Our writers have decided to turn over a few rocks and do some digging with in-depth profiles of the main characters in the show. Who knows what they might discover? So, draw the curtains, turn […] More