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  • sony international women's day

    Slaying Their Own Dragons: Women in Video Games

    I struggled with how to approach the topic of “strong female protagonists” in video games. Not because of the issue of who to pick, but more along the lines of why I should focus on them. What kind of traits and characteristics do we consider to be valuable in a strong protagonist? And more importantly, […] More

  • sailor moon posing

    Sailor Moon: A Shōjo Super Power

    ♪ Fighting evil by moonlight Winning love by daylight ♪ I bet you’re finishing the rest of the theme song in your head right now right? I mean, how can you not? Even if you’ve never watched the show, you probably know the words to that song or have been around someone who has subjected […] More

  • Yuna and Tidus Lake Scene

    Girls that Got Game

    Some characters in video games just seem to impact you more than others. Whether it’s due to their heart-wrenching backstories, charming personalities, witty one-liners, or simply because you just see yourself in them—there are plenty of notable characters that stand out. Considering the catalog of games I’ve played over the years, it’s no surprise that […] More

  • Inquisitor fire sword middle of dragon rift

    Dragon Age: From the Ashes

    Let me just begin by saying this isn’t going to be another article that talks about how Bioware went wrong. I think at the moment that would be too easy to kick this company when they’re down—and oh how they fell being the RPG giants (or should I say dragons?) they were—after two massive stumbles. […] More

  • joker holding envelope

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Persona 5 DLC

    The new DLC that’s available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also comes alongside the highly anticipated Version 3.0 update. It allows players a chance to create replay videos using the video editor, create your own stage, and other online updates to make the overall experience of the game better. (Easier matching in QuickPlay anyone?) And […] More