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  • Andy Botwin, leaning his chin against his right hand

    Andy Botwin and Weeds — The Great (and Careful) Work Begins

    We know the basic premise of Jenji Kohan’s Weeds, right? Widowed suburban mom makes ends meet by selling pot, becomes danger junkie, shenanigans ensue. The show is of course about Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker), the mom in question. I, however, always seem to go for the character actor sidekick of a show like this […] More

  • The four boys at the bus stop, singing, with a bayonet in the air overhead

    South Park Favourite Episodes: The Hunting of the Snark

    I don’t know about you, but I’m at that point in the pandemic where my brain is fed up with all the comfort TV I have been feeding it in an attempt to soothe it. What my pandemic brain wants now is snark. No, I don’t mean Lewis Carroll’s wacky mythical creature—I want irreverent, cutting […] More

  • The Deep Space Nine space station

    Deep Space Nine: I’ll Be Seeing You…Finally

    I know, I know. I am about 25 years late to the Deep Space Nine party. And it’s not like I’m not a Trek person. I am. I will go toe-to-toe against anyone you like and recite Wrath of Khan word for word, any day of the week. I commissioned my own Next Gen uniform […] More

  • Murray the dog stands on a table in Mad About You

    I’m Only Here For The Dog — Canine TV Superstars

    I’m a dog person. I grew up with collies, and then when you move to the city and live on a budget that doesn’t allow for things like a dog walker, you have two choices—grow to like small dogs, or become a cat person. I went the latter route, and while I love my feline […] More

  • Head and shoulders shot of Lindsey waring a shirt and tie

    Lindsey McDonald — The Righteous Shall Walk A Thorny Path

    Angel is a show about redemption. The vampire-with-a-soul-turned-Dark-Avenger has hung up his leather pants and his murderous intentions, and now he’s a champion of good, fighting for the bright side of the Powers That Be. But the great thing about Angel is that it’s not all about Angel. Sure, he’s the focal point, and captain […] More

  • Face shot of Clarice Starling, surrounded by swirling moths

    Clarice S1E5: “Get Right With God”

    “What does it feel like to be so beautiful?” That’s a line from the book (and, it turns out, pretty much the title of the very next episode of CBS’s Clarice), and it never made it into Silence of the Lambs. Jame Gumb, aka Buffalo Bill, says it to Clarice Starling as he lies dying, […] More

  • Doogie in his hospital attire

    Doogie Howser MD: Surprisingly Real, and Really Good Medicine

    I watched Doogie Howser, MD as a kid when it was on the air, but to be honest, I hadn’t thought about it in years. I remembered enough to be in on the joke when How I Met Your Mother made a reference to it in a tag one time, but that was about it. […] More

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