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  • POV shot of a starship flying into a colorful pentagon
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    A Perfect Ten for Carpenter Brut

    The popularity of synthwave has skyrocketed in the last decade, with films like Drive and games like Hotline Miami bringing a genre once thought lost to the ’80s back into the zeitgeist. It’s only gotten more popular since those formative pieces of media, and these days there’s an almost endless number of bands, groups, DJs, […] More

  • Members of Dead Sara ride bikes through suburban streets. Emily Armstrong is holding a boom box.

    Dead Sara Strikes Back With Ain’t It Tragic

    Dead Sara is perhaps the most underexposed and underappreciated rock band working in the genre today, which is a damn shame because almost everything they do is gold. Between Emily Armstrong’s powerful and intense vocals, Siouxsie Medley’s commanding guitar, and Sean Friday’s energetic drums, they’re everything that makes rock amazing. Their latest album Ain’t it […] More

  • Travis stares down Fu in the title art for No More Heroes III

    No More Heroes III is Strictly for the Fans, and That’s Okay

    SUDA51 is one of gaming’s most fascinating creators to me. There tends to be a pretty consistent theme with his works: there’s usually an element of surrealism; there’s meta, self-referential humor; there’s usually extreme and often times comical amounts of violence. He actually stepped away from the director’s chair for a while, though, and only […] More

  • Close up of the Super Mario Land box art

    The Original Game Boy Pioneered Handheld Gaming

    Considering the popularity of the Nintendo Switch, it’s easy to forget that there was a time where handheld games were considered a novelty. Like so many things from the early days of gaming, the Game Boy was an unorthodox, but extremely ambitious, experiment that paid off pretty wonderfully. Today I’d like to discuss the Game […] More

  • Art for Monster Hunter Rise shows two hunters and their animal companions facing off against a giant creature

    Monster Hunter Rise Is a Welcome Victory Lap From Capcom

    Considering the fact that Monster Hunter World was Capcom’s highest selling video game ever, I think it’s safe to say that the once obscure franchise has become a legitimate phenomenon. It’s not difficult to see why, either. The series’ emphasis on combat, the outstanding creature design, and its whimsical sense of fun and humor make […] More

  • Travis Touchdown stands with his Beam Katana in No More Heroes 3

    Let’s Discuss This Most Recent Nintendo Direct: What is Nintendoing?

    Listen folks, I love Nintendo. They are, for me, the best AAA developer and publisher in the business, because even though their output is slow, I struggle to think of the last time I played a truly bad Nintendo game. Sure, not every Zelda or Mario title is created equally, but I think even at […] More

  • Mike Ehrmantraut aims a revolver off screen in dim lighting
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    Why “Five-O” Is the Breaking Bad Universe at Its Best

    Better Call Saul and its progenitor Breaking Bad are just a few of the many, many TV shows that are less episodic and more one interconnected, super long story. Either show at its best features beautiful character writing and shocking twists that forever change the show’s landscape, but I think there’s something to be said […] More

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    Cyber Shadow Pushes Action-Platforming Difficulty to Its Limits

    In my day 1 review of Mechanical Head Studios’ Cyber Shadow, I stated that my primary concern was how it would evolve the movement mechanics of the ninja you play as. Curiously, it’s over halfway through the game that you have a completed repertoire; you can wall jump, double jump, send projectiles flying back at […] More

  • The Ninja kneels on the ground with energy leaking from behind their mask

    Yacht Club Games Delivers More Platforming Goodness With Cyber Shadow

    Throwback games of all genres are all the rage on the indie scene these days, and Cyber Shadow fits right in. Part of its surge in popularity can be traced back to Yacht Club Game’s smash hit Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. In many ways, that game felt just like the platformers of old, complete with […] More

  • A bunch of cartoon skeletons dance in a graveyard
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    A Spooky Playlist for the Spookiest Time of the Year

    Sound is arguably one of the most important factors when it comes to making something spooky, and if you’re anything like me, Fall is your favorite season because Fall means Halloween, and Halloween means excuses to get spooky like no other time of the year. Not that I really need an excuse to get in […] More

  • Title logo for Final Fantasy XIII, with Lightning looking off into the distance.

    Final Fantasy XIII Was and Still is the Most Divisive Entry in the Series

    The PS1 era of the Final Fantasy series saw Square Enix experiment with their storytelling gameplay. Although this trend arguably started with the sixth entry, it was popularized by the enormously well received PS1 games, and it’s a trend that has continued to this day. Each new entry means a brand new storyline, universe, world, […] More

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