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  • TV showing static with a bloody handprint on it, and an arm on the floor reaching out

    Watching From Behind the Sofa: The Best Horror TV Shows

    I begin this article with the knowledge that almost no horror fan will agree with this list, or with my parameters, and possibly even with anything I have to say about any of the shows. Such is the horror genre. It has passionate, opinionated fans from all age groups, nations, and social groups. Is it […] More

  • A montage of Room 104 scenes with the Room 104 logo and headshots of Mel Eslyn and Julian Wass

    Inside Room 104: An Interview With Mel Eslyn & Julian Wass

    The door may finally be closing on Room 104, at least for the forseeable future, but that doesn’t stop us from peering through its window one last time by interviewing Mel Eslyn and Julian Wass, two of the creative forces behind the show. Mel, as well as being part of the production team, has co-written, […] More

  • A mug in front of a laptop with the text "Just one more episode" on it.

    Lockdown TV: The Best Shows to Comfort Watch

    In these dark days, a lot of us are turning to the old idiot box even more to escape everything going on at the moment. Also, in long-term lockdown there are only so many new hobbies you can take up before you realise you hate hobbies. There are any number of amazing shows worthy of […] More

  • Graphic of endless doors in Room 104 and a shot of Sydney Fleischmann

    Inside Room 104: An Interview With Sydney Fleischmann

    Room 104 just finished up its third season run on HBO; a season that stretched the boundaries of the premise a little more, and got a little bit more experimental generally. Sydney Fleischmann is a film and television producer who’s worked closely with the Duplass Brothers for several years. Having been involved in films such […] More

  • Louis and older Jean sit facing each other on the Room 104 beds.

    Room 104 S3E11: The “Crossroads” Deal of a Lifetime

    This week’s Room 104 S3E11: “Crossroads” is from the tag team of director Patrick Brice and writer Sam Bain. Mr. Brice is basically an honorary Duplass Brother at this point, it being his third turn in the director’s chair this season alone. Sam Bain, who started out co-writing Peep Show with Jesse Armstrong ( and […] More

  • Ted and Nina sit opposite each other at the table in Room 104

    Room 104 S3E10: “Night Shift” Asks Us to Forgive and Forget

    Julian Wass’s old-school hammy horror tweaks to the theme music gives us an aural clue as to what’s in store this week in Room 104 S3E10: “Night Shift”. This would have been the perfect Halloween week episode, but alas, it was not to be and instead we got the far more dramatic and subtle tones […] More

  • Adrienne sits on the floor in front of the two Room 104 beds staring blankly

    Room 104 S3E9: A “Prank Call” Has Unexpected Results

    Room 104 S3E9 “Prank Call” is the third Mark Duplass-penned episode that So Yong Kim has directed, following Season 1’s “I Knew You Weren’t Dead” and Season 2’s “The Return”. Both previous episodes focused on dealing with grief and the absence of a loved one, but this tale is more concerned with the emptiness we […] More

  • Dolores stands in front of the mirror with the reflection of Junior on it, seated on the bed

    Room 104 S3E8: “No Hospital” Is a Magical Family Tragedy

    A definite change of pace this week, as Room 104 S3E8 “No Hospital” takes us back to a more traditional story-driven premise after the previous two Duplass-driven episodes: “A New Song” and “Jimmy & Gianni“. Written and directed by Miguel Arteta, lately of the Ali Shawkat-starring Duck Butter (also a Duplass Brothers Production), this episode, […] More

  • Jimmy and Gianni sit opposite from each other at a table next to a window

    Room 104 S3E7: “Jimmy & Gianni” Turns the Room Into a Canvas

    Doug Emmett cuts his directorial teeth in Room 104 S3E7 this week. Previously to this Emmett has a busy bio as a cinematographer or director of photography. Is there a difference between the two? I’m not sure. Outraged film students can let me know in the comments. Having worked with Duplass Brothers Productions before on […] More

  • Nina plays the keyboard as an animated girl is projected on the wall behind her

    Room 104 S3E6: “A New Song” Battles the Shadow Within

    Halfway through the season now, and while the title of Room 104 S3E6: “A New Song” very simply and succinctly outlines the basic plot driver, it in no way encompasses the emotional depth and complexity of this story. Before I get into it, I’ll just say that I’ve watched this episode four times now and […] More

  • Greg sits up in bed looking confused

    Room 104 S3E5: “Drywall Guys” Peels Back the Layers of Adulthood

    This week’s Room 104, “Drywall Guys” (S3E5) is probably the most light-hearted episode so far in this season. It was written by Mark Duplass and directed by Shira Piven who has previously directed the wonderfully quirky, yet absorbing Welcome to Me, a film which relied heavily (and successfully) on the central performance of Kristen Wiig. […] More

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