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  • Cover art for New Radicals album

    New Radicals Were Far More Than a One-Hit Wonder

    Life was way simpler back in 1999. The fallout from the impeachment of Bill Clinton and worrying about Y2K seems like a golden age compared to now. As the world wondered “What is the Matrix?” and looked forward to the inevitable cinematic triumph that was Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, a catchy, feel-good […] More

  • A still from the Car Seat Headrest video for "Hollywood" with a cartoon man in a gasmask on the streets

    Car Seat Headrest’s Making a Door Less Open Is a Triumphant Masterpiece

    I first became aware of Car Seat Headrest due to the song “Bodys” appearing on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. At first I thought that this was a very particular brand of indie rock that seemed heavily influenced by The Strokes as well as much of the punk rock that was passing itself off as […] More

  • The cover album to Arcade Fire's Neon Bible, with a book laced with light.
    in ,

    A Perfect 10 by Arcade Fire

    In terms of the last 20 years, no other band has had as big an impact on me as Arcade Fire. The Canadian outfit debuted their first full-length album Funeral in 2004 and their incredible live performances garnered them cult status and critical acclaim. Whilst the world was obsessed with The Killers and Franz Ferdinand, […] More

  • The psychedelic album art for Deap Lips album

    Deap Lips Is the Inconsistent Collaboration You Didn’t Know You Needed

    Never let it be said that The Flaming Lips do not work hard. In the last 10 years they have released a staggering 12 albums, including compilations and EPs. So after last year’s underrated return to more commercial form with King’s Mouth we now have a collaboration with Los Angeles-based bluesy rock duo Deap Vally—which […] More

  • A still from the video of Losing My Religion. The band by a window.
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    A Perfect 10 by R.E.M.

    R.E.M. have been my favourite band from the moment that I started to take music seriously beyond being background noise on the radio. No other band outside of perhaps Arcade Fire have ever spoken to me on such a personal level, and R.E.M and their fifteen proper albums, and multiple live releases and compilations have […] More

  • The psychedelic cover of Dan Deacon's Mystic Familiar

    Mystic Familiar is Dan Deacon’s Masterful Journey to Bliss in 2020

    We live in a time of incredible darkness. 2020 already has had a new killer virus, a failed effort to oust a lying scumbag from office, Brexit finally kicking in, and two of the best royals in memory buggering off to Canada. Thank god then for Dan Deacon’s latest album Mystic Familiar, which is the […] More

  • The cover of Tokyo Police Club's debut EP A Lesson in Crime

    Tokyo Police Club: The Saviours of Punk-Pop You Haven’t Heard Of

    Sometimes bands do not get their due. Sometimes they just come at an awkward time, when music on its permanent circular pattern of what’s cool, is between genres. Late last decade music, or more specifically rock music, was in a weird place. Foo Fighters and Green Day were still filling stadiums, Arcade Fire were about […] More

  • Poppy with blood coming out of her mouth in one of her early disturbing YouTube videos

    Poppy, “I Disagree” and the Modern Definitions of Fame

    It would have been early 2018 when my brothers and I started playing the “creepy sh*t game” via our smartphones. The idea was that we would find the most bizarre material that YouTube or Reddit had to offer and then send to each other in a game of one-upmanship in order to creep each other […] More

  • The Cover of REM's classic album Automatic for the People

    The Mixtape of My Life: Ups and Downs, Love and Tragedy

    Music has been the one constant throughout my life. From when I was a child and exposed to the old vinyl my parents played on Sunday mornings that went from The Eagles to Fleetwood Mac to Marvin Gaye, and then later to my own private listening to the radio constantly in my early teens. It […] More

  • Philo reaches accross a police boundary to his fairy lover Vignette

    Carnival Row S1E7 & S1E8 — A Predictable but Entertaining Finale

    Carnival Row’s final two episodes are something of a suitably gripping and satisfying finale to Season 1, even if the eventual destination is somewhat predictable. At the start of Episode 7 we see Philo in prison thanks to the suspicions around his involvement in the dark asher murders, and of course his own murky origins. […] More

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