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  • Anna stares off into her rehab support group (unpictured).

    Inventing Anna Is a Hollow Waste of Talent and Story

    I’ve always wanted to do jury duty. I feel like it would be fascinating. My life would change for a bit, I would be so engrossed in the case in front of me, it would be something salacious, and I would be sworn (by law) to secrecy. Such is also the case with receiving early […] More

  • Drew, Dory, Elliott, and Portia look enthralled while entering the headquarters for LYTE

    Search Party Season 5: An Infectious Goodbye

    The following contains spoilers of Search Party Season 5 in its entirety Well, I was wrong. Search Party did not end with Season 4, and I couldn’t be happier about that, because the Season 4 ending didn’t really do it for me in terms of closure. You’ll recall that we ended with Dory (Alia Shawkat) […] More

  • Allison snoops around Nick's apartment

    Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 8: “Fixed” (Season 1 Finale)

    The following contains spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Kevin Can F**k Himself: Episode 8, “Fixed” Kevin (Eric Peterson) is something of a Super Mario boss in the finale of Kevin Can F**k Himself—vulnerable and weak after an attack, only to regain health and return stronger. Sadly there are no hospital comedy antics, or […] More

  • Allison looks out the window while Patty drives.

    Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 5: Giving Karma a Little Push

    The following contains spoilers for Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 5, “New Patty” We begin Episode 5 back in the car right after Allison (Annie Murphy) has told Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden) that she’s going to kill Kevin (Eric Petersen). Patty immediately responds “no you’re not!” and dismisses this as a blip, and says Allison is […] More

  • Patty and Allison look disapprovingly at Pete in the sitcom kitchen set.

    Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 3: The Kind of Girl Who’s Always Cold

    The following contains spoilers for Kevin Can F**k Himself Episode 3, “We’re Selling Washing Machines” If Episode 3 of Kevin Can F**k Himself felt slower to you, you’re not alone. It’s a slower, richer exploration of characters that at times feels like a vanilla crème brûlée, but other times feels like a McFlurry with forgotten […] More

  • Kevin announces his plan to Neil, Patty, Allison, and Brian in their sitcom living room.

    Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 1 Episodes 1-2: You Should Really Ice That

    The following contains spoilers for Kevin Can F**k Himself S1E1 (“Living the Dream”) and S1E2 (“New Tricks”) Fourteen months after the series finale of Schitt’s Creek comes Alexis Rose’s Annie Murphy’s return to television in a surprisingly dark comedy that feels like a mix between The King of Queens and Promising Young Woman. Like a […] More

  • Dolls resembling Dory, Drew, Portia, and Elliott face the audience.

    Search Party Season 4 Episodes 7–10: Down in Flames?

    The following contains spoilers of the ending of Search Party Season 4 Episodes 7-10 on HBO Max. Does Dory (Alia Shawkat) deserve all this? I can ask that question two ways: does she deserve the punishment thrust upon her by Chip (Cole Escola)? Or does she deserve to have friends looking for her after what […] More

  • Portia and Elliott look shocked as Drew finds a clue on his phone.

    Search Party Season 4 Episodes 4–6: Millenial Isolation

    The following contains spoilers of Search Party Season 4 Episodes 4 through 6 on HBO Max Miley Cyrus recently released a new album with a track called “WTF Do I Know” which interrogates her past choices, and also her audience’s obsession with them. In its particularly relevant chorus she asks “what the f*ck do I […] More

  • Dory is chained to a chair while Chip films her in Search Party Season 4

    Search Party Season 4 Episodes 1–3: Now What?

    The following includes spoilers for Search Party Season 4 Episodes 1 through 3 on HBO Max. Search Party is back with Season 4 and darker than ever! After a quick seven month turnaround (which is basically unheard of for television in the times of COVID—but they did finish filming before the pandemic), the HBO Max […] More

  • Cassie holds her phone to her ear as she boards a private plane.

    The Flight Attendant Episodes 4–8: So, Everyone Is a Good Person After All?

    Wow, a lot can change in five episodes! The first three episodes left some interesting (and not so interesting) questions left to be answered. Unfortunately I don’t think any of the answers we were given were really that satisfying or shocking. What I’m left with after the final five episodes (and in particular the final […] More

  • Cassie waits to be questioned in the waiting room.

    The Flight Attendant Episodes 1–3: Is Anyone a Good Person?

    HBO Max’s first foray into the miniseries genre is The Flight Attendant. Based off of the book of the same name by Chris Bohjalian, the first three episodes of the series are uneven, but in a way that feels intentional like the rocky texture of peanut brittle. For those who hadn’t watched the trailer, it’s […] More

  • Erica and Dr. Tom talk while on a bench.

    Is Being Erica’s Finale Too Simplistic?

    I know Canadian TV is kind of “having a moment” after Schitt’s Creek’s take off into superstardom and its Emmys sweep, but don’t get it twisted: Canadian TV is bad. There are only a few of my homeland’s programs that I can recommend—and, yes, Schitt’s Creek is one of them—but the first program that ever […] More

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