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  • Title card for the TV series Brooklyn Bridge

    A World of Its Own: The Wonder of CBS’s Brooklyn Bridge

    In the late-1980s and early-1990s, producer and writer Gary David Goldberg wasn’t sure he wanted to work on television. And why would he need to? The acclaimed producer just spent seven years producing the classic sitcom Family Ties. The deal to syndicate that show is a show-biz legend, with some noting it made him a […] More

  • Just Shoot Me written in black and underlined in red

    Remembering the Second Season of Just Shoot Me!

    The first season of many shows is never the best one out there. People are still figuring out what the show will be, the writing is setting up plotlines for the series, and things are just getting started. The second season is usually where things pick up and come into a life of their own. […] More

  • The main characters of ABC's Pan Am

    One Season Wonders: We Didn’t Get Enough of These TV Shows

    Not every show is going to make it for the long run like Seinfeld, NYPD Blue, Modern Family, or Dynasty. However, there are plenty of one-season shows that could have had the fame of these shows. These shows were destined for greatness but something held them back from being in the spotlight. Some of these […] More

  • Jay Sherman, the eponymous lead character of The Critic

    All Hail, King Dork: The Brief But Memorable Life of The Critic

    When it comes to films, many people ignore the critics since they seem to get it wrong, though there are some things they get right. For years, though, critics were idolized because they were the people who knew what was real and what was crap. They knew just what movies were supposed to be idolized, […] More

  • Clancy listens to music with his dog Charlotte

    Just Be Here Now: A Review of Netflix’s The Midnight Gospel

    Trippy doesn’t even begin to describe Netflix’s The Midnight Gospel, the latest series from Pendleton Ward, the creator of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, and comedian Duncan Trussel. The series tells the story of Clancy Gilroy, a twentysomething from Earth who lives in The Chromatic Ribbon, a dimension void of physics. Clancy uses his computer to […] More

  • Ed Asner as Lou Grant

    Lou’s Blues: A Look at the Life of Lou Grant

    Since the innovation of television, journalism has been tied to it with such programs as 60 Minutes, 20/20, and Dateline, just to name a few. However, there have also been many television shows featuring journalist characters. While there have been many greats such as Murphy Brown, Will McAvoy, Bill McNeal, and many more, the most […] More

  • Kitty approaches the Bagge Family farm wearing her mask.

    “The Mask”: Courage the Cowardly Dog Looks at Relationships

    Not many shows have been able to blend horror, comedy, and thrills as well as Cartoon Network’s Courage the Cowardly Dog. The show was known for thoroughly scaring the life out of viewers with everything from a 3D rendition of a mummy to a human-sized cockroach in boxers. However, during the fourth season, the show […] More

  • The cast of NewsRadio standing in front of the elevator on the set of series.

    The Real Deal: The No-Rules Comedy Genius of NewsRadio

    1995 was a unique year for television, particularly NBC. Seinfeld was coming into its role as a gem in the crown that was Thursday night Must-See TV Lineup, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air began its final season, and a unique sitcom was making its debut. NewsRadio premiered on March 21, 1995, and became one of […] More

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