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  • Numbers Three, Two, Five, One, and Four standing at a makeshift wooden "bar" in their treehouse base. Five and One have jugs of soda that resemble beer. They all appear happy.

    How Codename: Kids Next Door Ruined My Life

    *This essay contains spoilers for the entire series and corresponding films of Codename: Kids Next Door, Stand By Me (the film), and Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind. Introduction This started with a dream. In June of 2022, I was going through a severe rough patch. Nothing that usually made me feel passionate, like I […] More

  • Julien (left) and Zoya (right) standing on a sidewalk on an overcast day. Julien is wearing a red dress covered by a heavy leather coat and has one some gold earrings. Her left arm is facing upward and her fingers are clutched. Zoya is wearing a vibrant sequined orange dress and carrying a sparkling gold purse hung around her shoulder by a gold chain. Her hair is styled with gentle waves. The two are talking and are displeased with one another.

    The New Gossip Girl is Perfectly Average: A Neophyte’s Perspective

    I am no stranger to teen dramas, especially bad ones. I absolutely love sitting down with a bunch of idiotic characters that are easy to laugh at and equally as easy to hate. It’s the type of TV that makes me feel better about my life. The new Gossip Girl is one such show. I […] More

  • From left to right: Jay Bilzerian (Jason Mantzoukas), a light brown-skinned boy with dark updone hair, thick eyebrows and brown eyes wearing a white t-shirt and dark gray vest; Nick Birch (Nick Kroll), a short pale-skinned boy with brown hair and bright blue eyes wearing a dark blue shirt with a denim one overtop; and Andrew Glouberman, a redheaded, pale-skinned boy with black glasses and brown eyes wearing a green long-sleeved shirt. All three are looking ahead at something. Jay looks distraught or disgusted whereas Nick and Andrew look delighted.

    Why Big Mouth Matters

    Warning: This article on Big Mouth discusses childhood sexuality, pedophilia, and CSEM (child sexual exploitation material). If these topics are triggering for you, please do not read. Take good care of yourself. Big Mouth is a Netflix original animated comedy series covering the topic of puberty. It’s one’s typical adult animated show, carrying with it […] More