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  • Anya standing by a banister singing
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Selfless” and Solitude

    Breakups are, for a better word, shitty. It’s an almost universally shared experience that we all go through at some point or another, a personal rug pull that throws things off completely. For some, your life revolves around your significant other. Your friends, interests, and even sense of self may be impacted by the person […] More

  • Amy Jellicoe cries in the bathroom in HBO's Enlightened

    HBO’s Enlightened and the Cruelty (and Beauty) of Hope

    HBO’s Enlightened was a show about hope. That may sound like an oversimplification, but it was about the excitement hope brings, as well as the stubbornness, annoyingness, and pure anxiety and mental torture that comes along with it. Above all her very human faults, Amy Jellicoe (played beautifully by Laura Dern) was a hopeful person: […] More

  • joanna newsom and a parrot
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    Look, And Despair: 10 Songs To Help You Get Into Joanna Newsom

    Joanna Newsom can be divisive. The American harpist and singer-songwriter has been releasing albums since 2002 that have fascinated, frustrated and drawn praise or ire from music aficionados everywhere. From her debut album The Milk-Eyed Mender to her most recent work Divers, simply listening to Newsom’s songs in the background just scratches the surface on […] More

  • The cast of Six Feet Under sits and stands around a table with flowers in the foreground and a window behind them

    Death Approaches: Five Impactful Opening Deaths On Six Feet Under

    Newsflash: people die every day. Many of us assume our deaths will be climatic, dramatic affairs that signify the end of a multilayered life. But most of the time, our untimely ends occur in the most plain or random of ways. Death doesn’t care about your dignity, your feelings, or your position in life. It […] More

  • A close shot of Erika Murphy's face as she looks on stoically in The Leftovers
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    The Leftovers: “Lens” and the Urge for Going

    “I get the urge for going, but I never seem to go.” – Joni Mitchell “Lens,” the sixth episode of the second season of The Leftovers, focuses on two women who grapple with guilt, denial, and the ever-present itch to get up and leave. Nora, who we’ve gotten to know since the beginning of the […] More