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  • Tom Petty standing in front of a brick wall lighting a cigarette
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    A Perfect 10 by Tom Petty

    When I signed up to do A Perfect 10 article—a perfect 10 songs from Tom Petty—I thought “That’s easy.” But I quickly learned about the errors of my ways. See, the thing is Tom Petty never made a bad song. I could easily drop here the entire catalogue of all the songs Petty made and […] More

  • Ian with his favorite new in-game tool: the shovel

    Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet Is One of The First TV Suprises of The Year

    The word workplace comedy has become a buzzword over the years, and eventually it has become a buzzkill. You got your Office, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And now Mythic Quest is another workplace comedy. Essentially. You could describe It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as a workplace comedy as well. I mean they all work […] More